March 20, 2007

Again, Big City Killing


Oh yes they've killed a Black Man
Not just any but a native Afrikan
Oh yes they've shown they are true Blue
a slaughter by authority, Police who are supposed to protect you
He they say looked like a suspect
Here they show their lack of respect
Does every Black Man have to fit their profile
let us think on this for a while
Oh mother, they've taken your son
We pray he is not the only one
Oh father what should a village do?
Avenge a son, or let god handle this one
For in their scale justice is line with enamel and steel
and there is no impression of a fair deal.
Oh yes, they've killed a Black Man
---by the Pollitikat © 1999

This poem was written in response to the shooting of 24 year old Amadou Diallo, who was killed after being shot 19 times by four police officers in the Bronx, on Feb. 4, 1999. Here the officer said they thought Diallo was reaching for a gun when he put his hands in his pocket and fired a total of 41 rounds. The gun turned out to be his wallet, which he was taking out to show officer his identification. Officers shot Amadou as he was standing in his vestibule. These officers were found not guilty.

I am writing this because of the incidents that took place in November 25, of 2006 early in the morning in the midst of a family celebration. Once again we seem to have trigger happy officers over reacting in a situation that should have been easily controllable.   Five people held a gun on three people sitting in a car. How many times are we going to accept the "I thought I saw a gun defense?" Shouldn't an officer be sure he sees a gun before he starts shooting at someone. I am disturbed whenever I hear police saying their lives are at risk. Would someone please remind them that police officers chose to be police officers. No one is forcing them. They could just as easy get a job doing something else. By choosing to be an officer they volunteer their lives in service. Also they get extensive training to think and work in situations of extreme pressure, I know they are not just given a gun and turned onto the streets.

March 19, 2007

Recruit Hasselbeck From "The View" For Combat In Iraq

Posted on "The View" website - march 19, 2007

Hey Joy, I agree with you all the time. OK most of the time, but I really can't think of anything that I have disagreed with you on right now. You are so funny and poignant. I love your candid speech and insight. I love that you always come with the facts, putting on your glasses to make sure you get it right. Maybe our president should do that, huh. I don't know if you read my previous email about Elisabeth volunteering to fight in Iraq but I am wondering why no one has confronted her with it. see that's the problem, you still try to be nice, when Elisabeth is ruthless. typical democrat/republican relationship. She does not care who is insulted or hurt by her idiocy, she believes what she wants without ever really doing any research. She only goes where she knows she is going to get the answer to validate her warped views. Elisabeth is like our media, who sold out the country and did not do any research about Bush's claims about Iraq and terror. that is what she represents to me, an ignoramus. 

Before I said that she should go ahead and sign up as a volunteer for the war, as many of our citizens have, some even losing their lives. Elisabeth is the worst kind of person because she is in favor of sending people of to die for a lie, and even though she knows it was a lie she still does not care. She still wants young men and women to die for the lie. How could Elisabeth support the troops and not acknowledge that the troops are dying because Bush lied. Hey Lizzy "BUSH LIED". 


I know that in my first posting it sounded like I was saying that Hip Hop died, but by no means am I saying that. I strongly feel however that hip hop is on life support. I know that some people may have a certain connection with different parts or eras of hip hop, so when I speak on the subject I want you to know that I am giving consideration to the different age groups that listen to hip hop and what it may mean to different people of different age. I think you can appreciate hip hop without identifying with or celebrating all aspects of it. I do understand that it is the total package that makes up the culture we call hip hop. Hip hop is entertaining, like Sugar Hill Gang and Will Smith , Doug E. Fresh, or Dana Dane. It is political like Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five or Public Enemy and funky like Afrika Bambaata, . We even have our roots in the burbs, with Run-Dmc. I could go on and on. No matter where it came from it was raw and what people were thinking and feeling, what I'm saying is that we've had many voices but these days I feel like everyone is saying the same thing. Sex, Drug, Violence. Yeah some say my music is different, its real, it me, but then they turn around and make a record with every sucker out there. Where is the realness. Since when did Hip Hop become bragging about your bling and exploiting women. We have always had our hard core rappers, Slick Rick, Rakim, the D.O.C. and NWA. 

Today, you have up and comers rapping about what they heard the other guy say and every other word is a curse. How did the rappers of old do it without cursing so much. I am not saying that you shouldn't be able to, but is that all you have to say. I love Hip Hop, I used to party at Skate Key when they had the spring jams, and T-Connection. I grew up in the Bronx. I've gone through all the phases, and I can see the deterioration, and yes I see the hope too. Hip Hop is our baby, and I want better for my baby. I don't have any hangups about language or content, but it is about skills, credibility and authenticity. Hip Hop needs to go back to it's roots. What people seem to be in denial about is the impact that today's Hip Hop culture is having on our youth. Today's artist forget that they were once young. They can say it's up to parents but remember when you were young and all you wanted to do was hear the songs. You listened at a friends house, at a party, or at school. You listened when your parents weren't at home or in your room late at night. It drew you in. I am grateful for the old school, they gave Hip Hop its foundation, what has the new school offered to the culture. We can blame it on the record labels and distributors, but that argument held water in the early days, not today. If rappers really had a desire to change the situation they would have begun their own distributing by now. If only they didn't waste their money on bling!!

March 8, 2007


The situation between Israel and Palestine is a very serious one. We need a president that is not loyal to neither the Israeli or Palestinians, but one that is loyal to the process of peace. I think Iraq has shown us that war is not the way to resolve differences. I am skeptical of anyone who talks war these days knowing how destructive war can be. This is not the days of rocks and arrows, but bombs that can blow and entire country off the map. Resolving issues through war is not the sign of a civilized society. We must seek other ways to resolve our disputes. War can only lead to resentment which breeds retaliation. The people must say no more war. I am weary of anyone who blindly supports Israel and does not put the Middle East in the proper context. We need a president who will stand tall and tell the truth about the conflict in Middle East like Jimmy Carter just did (I guess he wanted to set record straight before his death and look how he is being ostracized). Israel may have a right to exist but lets not forget that they imposed themselves in a region that was already occupied. 

The Palestinians have a right to exist, they have a right not to die. I was watching a documentary about the border control that is imposed on the Palestinians, how they would not let family member and school children cross, how they chastised and ridicule the Palestinians. People act as though because of the Holocaust the Israeli's have a right to abuse without discretion. That is not fair. Remember it was an Israeli that killed Rabin because he was working towards peace and a dual state. The Israeli's behave like a child who was abused and grows up to be an abuser, shouldn't we still hold them accountable. We need a president who is truly going to work towards peace. You cannot have peace if we don't face the reality of what is happening in the Middle East and stop coddling the Israeli.

March 6, 2007

Nothing "FAIR" or "HONEST" about our Media

Well I have just finished watching the daily talk shows and I am happy to report that they are up to business as usual. Does all the same coverage on every channel mean fair and honest. Each station often critiques the other. CNN says they are "keeping it honest", FoxNews is "fair and balanced", but are they reporting news? I am not sure what they. FoxNews is the easy one to pick on because of their obvious slant toward republicanism, but after all if we are going to be critical of the obvious biased reporting on Fox we have to talk about the fact that none of the so called liberal media stepped up and asked challenging questions of the administration leading up to the war with Iraq. 

The media was for the war because they saw a ratings opportunity. They heavily promoted the war. Increased rating meant increase advertisement and subsequently increased dollars in the pockets of the media head, my question is what did the reporters have to gain. Did they sell out the country for bonuses, party invitations, Prada, and notoriety.

The Dictator Of The Democracy

I just finished watching the Presidential address informing the nation about the new old strategy of promoting war. I cannot understand why the Democrats seem to have a hard time confronting this President. I keep hearing he is the Commander In Chief. That is not a post he inherited, George Bush is serving by the will of the people.

The Democracy that Bush claims to fight for in Iraq is being eroded here in America. The people in America have spoken and we do not want this war to escalate, we want it to end. How many more soldiers have to die for a fraudulent war. George Bush has basically committed a treasonous act "a betrayal of trust and confidence". Yet the Democrats continue to act as if he is the ultimate decider, well the people are, and the people have spoken. We do not want this war anymore. This war has only benefited George Bush and his administration. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but I have to ask why the Democrats are allowing this president to continue this illegal war.