March 6, 2007

Nothing "FAIR" or "HONEST" about our Media

Well I have just finished watching the daily talk shows and I am happy to report that they are up to business as usual. Does all the same coverage on every channel mean fair and honest. Each station often critiques the other. CNN says they are "keeping it honest", FoxNews is "fair and balanced", but are they reporting news? I am not sure what they. FoxNews is the easy one to pick on because of their obvious slant toward republicanism, but after all if we are going to be critical of the obvious biased reporting on Fox we have to talk about the fact that none of the so called liberal media stepped up and asked challenging questions of the administration leading up to the war with Iraq. 

The media was for the war because they saw a ratings opportunity. They heavily promoted the war. Increased rating meant increase advertisement and subsequently increased dollars in the pockets of the media head, my question is what did the reporters have to gain. Did they sell out the country for bonuses, party invitations, Prada, and notoriety.

The media did not do their job and we must now hold them accountable also. The "media" sat back and watched as others were sacrificed. They gave free advertisement to Bush's war and spoon fed it to the people, took his lie and made it true. Day after day. I knew Bush was lying, how come they didn't. It was a shame to watch good reporters like Peter Jennings struggle to tell the truth and still having to promote the corporate slant towards the war.

No news channel is different from the other because they ask the exact same questions. How is that possible? How is it possible that you have so many reporters on television but when it comes to any particular issue there are about 10 questions that are asked by all of them. While they criticize each other they are themselves an example of what they criticize.

So while we are addressing the subject of our presidency and freedoms we need to talk about the media. We cannot allow the media to steal this election. We must become more vocal when it comes to our expectations from the media.
They continue to disregard their duties when it comes to vigorously investigating this administration. Keyword -INVESTIGATE- They continue to refuse to ask questions of substance and peel back the layers of this administration. 

I am tired of them cutting off foreign leaders when they give interviews. I am tired of them cutting off a legitimate news event just to go to a panel. I think the American people are smart enough to listen for themselves and make their own conclusion. How can we join the debate if we don't have the information. Especially the so called twenty four hour news organizations. More like four hours of news and twenty hours of repeats. Maybe they wouldn't have to repeat s news stories if they didn't cut out so much of the really important stuff.

So I say the media needs to be addressed in this election. Why do I feel like countries that are supposed to be less advanced and democratic seem to have more and better news. Why can we show explicit sex and violence, but we cannot have uncensored news. Why are news reporters all reporting from the same angle. I think news should be more information than entertainment. I want to know what George Bush is doing, not Paris Hilton, and Brat Pit. We need to turn off those who do not report in the interest of the American people. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is a Democracy issue, a truth issue. 

I have often heard it discussed that we should allow free advertisement for Political candidates. I think this needs some review. Our campaign process does not seem democratic if you need millions to conduct a campaign. The current method can only lead to the corruption that we have today, giving our Presidency to the highest bidder. This media is part of this vicious cycle by charging so much for advertisement space. It is time the media do their part for democracy and show appreciation for the privilege of being able to operate and make money in this great nation we call America. We all need to sacrifice, even the corporation controlled media. What are they doing to deserve the millions in tax relief they get from the government? I look forward to a fair and honest media one day.

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