March 8, 2007


The situation between Israel and Palestine is a very serious one. We need a president that is not loyal to neither the Israeli or Palestinians, but one that is loyal to the process of peace. I think Iraq has shown us that war is not the way to resolve differences. I am skeptical of anyone who talks war these days knowing how destructive war can be. This is not the days of rocks and arrows, but bombs that can blow and entire country off the map. Resolving issues through war is not the sign of a civilized society. We must seek other ways to resolve our disputes. War can only lead to resentment which breeds retaliation. The people must say no more war. I am weary of anyone who blindly supports Israel and does not put the Middle East in the proper context. We need a president who will stand tall and tell the truth about the conflict in Middle East like Jimmy Carter just did (I guess he wanted to set record straight before his death and look how he is being ostracized). Israel may have a right to exist but lets not forget that they imposed themselves in a region that was already occupied. 

The Palestinians have a right to exist, they have a right not to die. I was watching a documentary about the border control that is imposed on the Palestinians, how they would not let family member and school children cross, how they chastised and ridicule the Palestinians. People act as though because of the Holocaust the Israeli's have a right to abuse without discretion. That is not fair. Remember it was an Israeli that killed Rabin because he was working towards peace and a dual state. The Israeli's behave like a child who was abused and grows up to be an abuser, shouldn't we still hold them accountable. We need a president who is truly going to work towards peace. You cannot have peace if we don't face the reality of what is happening in the Middle East and stop coddling the Israeli.

I can't stop saying that I am discourage by the lack of interest people have in government and politics. It seems that some of us have decided that we should be led by government and not the other way around. I am tire of hearing people say "they do what they want in Washington", I often lash back and say well they are supposed to be doing what you want. 

It seems some people have a real problem wrapping their mind around the fact that the politicians are public servants. We demand good customer service from our every day retailers but we don't demand it from our politicians. We elect them and then literally give them the run of the house. While we go without basic services they are living a life of luxury, spending most of their time campaigning for the next election. 

We must put an end to the abuse of power by politicians and begin to hold them accountable for their actions. Like those who supported the war without asking questions. In Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 411", Rep. Conyers said very matter of fact that congress does not fully read most of the bills brought to vote before passing them. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY DOING? I think they spend most of their time going to luncheons and meetings, posturing for the media, and catering to special interest while neglecting the business of the people. Imagine, your job is to pass laws and you are not reading the laws that you are passing. I don't know any member of congress who has a second job. Would your boss accept mediocre work from you, then why do we accept it from our employees, especially those entrusted with protecting our democracy.

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