March 19, 2007

Recruit Hasselbeck From "The View" For Combat In Iraq

Posted on "The View" website - march 19, 2007

Hey Joy, I agree with you all the time. OK most of the time, but I really can't think of anything that I have disagreed with you on right now. You are so funny and poignant. I love your candid speech and insight. I love that you always come with the facts, putting on your glasses to make sure you get it right. Maybe our president should do that, huh. I don't know if you read my previous email about Elisabeth volunteering to fight in Iraq but I am wondering why no one has confronted her with it. see that's the problem, you still try to be nice, when Elisabeth is ruthless. typical democrat/republican relationship. She does not care who is insulted or hurt by her idiocy, she believes what she wants without ever really doing any research. She only goes where she knows she is going to get the answer to validate her warped views. Elisabeth is like our media, who sold out the country and did not do any research about Bush's claims about Iraq and terror. that is what she represents to me, an ignoramus. 

Before I said that she should go ahead and sign up as a volunteer for the war, as many of our citizens have, some even losing their lives. Elisabeth is the worst kind of person because she is in favor of sending people of to die for a lie, and even though she knows it was a lie she still does not care. She still wants young men and women to die for the lie. How could Elisabeth support the troops and not acknowledge that the troops are dying because Bush lied. Hey Lizzy "BUSH LIED". 

I saw the show where she was educating the audience about celiac disease, and she might say this is why she is not volunteering. Joy, I am willing to donate all the gluten free food Elisabeth needs because I am all about supporting the troops. So i say to -E- "fight on fighter" because "we are at war" as she likes to always declare, so why isn't she fighting for the freedom that she is assisting in eroding. Hey thanks Elisabeth for nothing.

I believe that one should "put up or shut up". Only those who believe in this war should fight in it. Is there a boot camp in her future. I guess I will just have to stay tuned to find out. but I doubt it because like so many of the corrupt cowards, they are not ready to fight just for others to die. 

Elisabeth is so reckless in her views about the war. Lizzy is no different than the democrats she despises. Joy I love you, and Rosie too, sometimes Barbara, but you always. Believe it or not I sometimes agree with what Elisabeth has to say, not many times, very rarely but it does happen. When it comes to the war I passionately disagree and that's why I am taking the time to speak out against it at all opportunities. 

I will also email this to Elisabeth. These final comments are for her. Hey Lizzy, how come you don't know when the bible was written or who wrote it. I figure you would know something about the book you believe in. I am not surprised that you don't. I also say what would Jesus do? Do you think Jesus would be happy with this situation in Iraq? Do you think Jesus would be happy with the fact that our president lied and cost the lives of so many innocent? And if Jesus believed in the war don't you think he would be fighting right there along with the people that he is asking to die for a cause? Remember Jesus was about sacrificing himself, he could have offered up Peter, Simon, or Andrew or even turned the table on Judas, but he didn't. He rose to the occasion, just as i am willing to sacrifice some of my pay to support your volunteering for the war, by purchasing all of your gluten free food, and I mean that Elisabeth. 

I always wonder why the people who claim to love Jesus the most also love war and killing. I have read the bible and I don't think Jesus would like this. You remain ignorant to maintain your happiness while others die. Stand up and fight Elisabeth. 

These comments will also be posted on my blog Didn't mean to say this much, but once I get started. (end of letter)

I didn’t mean to write this much to the girls but as you probably tell, Elisabeth has me totally frustrated. I posted this letter on Monday March 19, the show got preempted in the east coast so I went online to see if I could get some information about what happened, and then decided to drop a line to Joy and extended it to Elisabeth. I was not able to send this letter because I seem to be having some computer problems, but decided to post on my blog so others could read it. The next day on March 20, I tuned in to see Elisabeth bullying documentarian Rory Kennedy, producer of “the Ghost of Abu Graihib”. Elisabeth talks so fast when she is trying to make her points that she reminds me of a slippery salesperson who is trying to hide the fact they are about to screw you over.

These girls are often saying what we feel, but watching Elisabeth is just scary, and I am serious about my willingness to volunteer some of my pay to make sure that Elisabeth gets the food she needs while she serves this nation and defend the policies and war that she supports so strongly. I am starting the recruit Elisabeth Hasselbeck for service in Iraq campaign. She obviously does not have a single thought of her own, and advocates for the republican agenda as if it were part of her DNA. From “We are at war”, to “what about KSM” –short for Khalid Sheik Mohammed—or “I deliberately try to get pulled out of the airport lines”, to “I don’t mind the government listening to my phone calls” her outrageous republican rantings are enough to send either Rosie or Joy on a tirade, and also myself. Conservatives love her, I’m sure. This show is great fun.

So I am starting an effort to have Elisabeth join the men and women that she is willing to sacrifice for a lie. I don’t think that she should be excused for what amounts to be nothing more than a food allergy. I am willing to supply gluten free food, and anyone who feels the same way I do should join this effort to support a troop.

I still think this is a must watch show because the topics are so relevant to what is happening in our country right now. Even if you don’t stay for the entire show, set your tivo’s because the “Hot Topic” segments are very thought provoking. Joy is my absolute favorite on the panel, she seems to have the most common sense with enough facts to back it up, and does not have a problem speaking her mind. These girls are definitely filling a void left by the mainstream news organizations that refuse to do their job and ask penetrating questions, and vigorously investigate the Bush administration. They have provided a national forum for those of us who are against this war. I don’t even miss Star Jones, and often forget she was ever on the panel, I do look forward to checking out her new show on Court TV.

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