March 6, 2007

The Dictator Of The Democracy

I just finished watching the Presidential address informing the nation about the new old strategy of promoting war. I cannot understand why the Democrats seem to have a hard time confronting this President. I keep hearing he is the Commander In Chief. That is not a post he inherited, George Bush is serving by the will of the people.

The Democracy that Bush claims to fight for in Iraq is being eroded here in America. The people in America have spoken and we do not want this war to escalate, we want it to end. How many more soldiers have to die for a fraudulent war. George Bush has basically committed a treasonous act "a betrayal of trust and confidence". Yet the Democrats continue to act as if he is the ultimate decider, well the people are, and the people have spoken. We do not want this war anymore. This war has only benefited George Bush and his administration. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but I have to ask why the Democrats are allowing this president to continue this illegal war.

The Democrats seem to forget that the founding fathers created a system of checks and balances for this very reason, to contain a tyrant. Bush is no different from Saddam and if you apply the same criteria for removing Saddam, then why is Bush still in office. He should have been gone a long time ago. I don't know if I can wait until another election to see him gone. I don't believe anything that he says, I think his speech was only to appease and fool the public, so that he can continue to his war for oil.

I am satisfied if this Congress does absolutely nothing except work on the following two things:
1. Ending this war and bringing our troops home.
2. Investigate and Impeach Bush and his administration.

I am pleased to see that Traitor Joe is still up to no good. Joe Lieberman should be ashamed of himself. Talk about self serving. We know that he does not believe in Democracy because he was defeated and did not go away, starved for power he is undermining the party that brought him to power. He has no integrity and I cannot believe that he came so close to being our Vice President, and possibly President. I am so glad Gore did not win now. Joe Lieberman is a disgrace and a traitor to the people and the party.

Bush continues to cater to his base, they follow him blindly. I say to all the people who believe in more troops and this war, sign up and report for duty. Only those who feel this war is fruitful and just need to fight.

This congress is a joke. They are spineless, spineless and in a way are not that much better than Bush. They continue to say, "we are not going to cut off funding for troops," and "we are not going to impeach". Why not? If that is the only way to end the war, then so be it. They have basically given the country over to a Dictator. Bush dictates what he is going to do and then does it, while congress sits idly by. I feel like I am being held hostage by this administration.

Congress allowed this president to go to war defying the United Nations, and now that they know he lied they refuse to hold him accountable. George Bush should not be making anymore decisions about the direction this country should go. We have already seen what he is about. Over 3,000 dead and counting, over $3billion dollar wasted. We need to clean our house before we can help others with theirs. 2008 where are you?!!

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