April 30, 2007

Boycott George Tenets (Former CIA Director) Book

How can someone who took an oath to be a servant of the people, but instead became a servant of George Bush. George Tenet, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), not only willfully allowed the people to be deceived, he lied to the united nation and was instrumental in causing the death of over three thousand innocent Americans. 

The audacity that he would now try to write a book to make money from his treasonous acts is just to me the final affront on the intelligence of the American people. These thugs who marched into our countries capital like the Gestapo and trashed everything The Constitution stood for is now pushing my patience. The fact that this person could commit such a high crime and instead of being brought to the stockade he is walking around as if no one was hurt by his deceptions is just the final straw for me. 

This guy walks around like he is a victim. It’s like stealing a car and the brakes fail on you, whose fault is that. What is George going to do now sue George Bush; I mean that’s all that’s left. 

April 15, 2007

Hip Hop Return To Your Roots

With the release of Nas' "Hip Hop is dead", the rapper has made a powerful comment about the state of Hip Hop. I wrote in my previous posting that I thought Hip Hop might be in its last throws, I believe I said it was "on life support". The recent incident with Don Imus and the public reaction may spell the final throws for Hip Hop. One of the main excused Don used in his defense of using the term that he did was that certain words like "nappy" and "hoe" originated in the black community and is often used in Hip Hop culture. First the word nigger did not originate in the black culture of which nigga is a slang, and hoe is just a slang for the word "whore", we did not invent these words. I do think the good thing to come out of the Imus fiasco is that the debate has started. While yes, we do need to address the situation in our own house, we must not miss the opportunity to expand the debate beyond Imus and hip hop culture. 

Maybe we can start talking about racism and sexism in the American culture as a whole. The underlying issue with the Imus comments was the roots it had in slavery, check my previous post - "Beating Imus", that African-Americans are still considered inferior to whites by whites. That the equality that this country brags about is just an illusion. I say lets expand the debate, it is the only way to really heal this nation and bring about true equality and freedom for all.

April 12, 2007

A Good Person Wouldn't (Beating Imus Part 2)

The "I'm a good person" defense did not stop Don Imus from getting cancelled on MSNBC. The fact that Imus was a "good person that said a bad thing" was a lame defense because during his apology Imus continued to say things that showed his racism. 

I don't think the apology was from the heart because Imus kept saying that black people say these things to each other every day, and that "black women, in their society were degraded by their own kind, their own men on a regular basis". 

Where is the apology? Don’s attempt to deflect responsibility by saying these words are products of the black community and hip hop music were offensive. His defense and the apology only made things worse. This is not the first time Imus has used racial slurs against blacks (who he frequently called "apes" and "chimps") or other ethnic groups. Don Imus is a bigot.

April 10, 2007

Beating Imus

On Wednesday of last week Don Imus made a comment calling the players of the Rutgers Women’s basketball team “some nappy headed hoes” and referring to the game between Tennessee and Rutgers as a Spike Lee thing. Imus and his sidekick referred to the game as the Jigaboos vs. Wannabees.

I thought these comments were hilarious since Imus looks like a corpse. I had heard the buzz over the weekend about these comments that Imus made but was not privy to actual quote until I read it on the net. This story has blown up since several prominent black activists have called for the termination of Don Imus.

First of all I thought the comments were totally racist even though many try to play it down by saying Don is not a racist. On his morning show yesterday Don apologized to the people offended by his comments stating he was “a good person that said a bad thing”.

Does Imus realize his comments were made about college students? They were not political; they were not making any social statement. The comments from Imus were extremely derogatory and came too easy for him to say out loud when he knew there were millions of people listening to him. I watched Imus’ apology on MSNBC and to hear Don talk about the context in which he made his comments because context was important. Well the context to me is; here is a white male who has the ear of millions of people engaging in the lowest form of racial insult. Imus comments that he was not some crazy guy on a stage ranting racial slurs referring to Michael Richards.

April 1, 2007


It seems like the team of Bush and Blair are at it again. They are trying to provoke an altercation between the alliance of UK/US and Iran. The recent detention of fifteen British sailors and marines has heightened tensions and raised the possibility of action from the British toward Iran, and folks I just don't see Bush staying out of this one. Blair backed Bush on Iraq, and Bush has been salivating at the possibility of taking military action against Iran, so what is the most likely outcome. Well it sounds like this could be war. I only have a few questions, because I think before anyone goes to war we should at least make sure that we have no unanswered questions.

The Brits say they were in Iraqi waters, and the Iranians say no, they were in Iranian water. Who do we believe. It is very important we get this right. I don't know if war should be an option in resolving conflict, especially among civilized nations. I think the rhetoric between the Iranians and the British and US representatives are only adding fuel to the fire. I think that the Iranians have a right to detain those who have violated their laws. I believe there is a proper channel for identifying whether or not the soldiers were indeed in Iranian waters. If the Iranians want to put the soldiers on trial then let them. There should be conditions, the trial should be public and the soldiers should have a right to representation from their native country. Transparency is a great way to end differences. Let the Iranians present their case, and the Brits can defend their position. I don't think that we should just believe the British government. We know they have lied to us before.