April 30, 2007

Boycott George Tenets (Former CIA Director) Book

How can someone who took an oath to be a servant of the people, but instead became a servant of George Bush. George Tenet, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), not only willfully allowed the people to be deceived, he lied to the united nation and was instrumental in causing the death of over three thousand innocent Americans. 

The audacity that he would now try to write a book to make money from his treasonous acts is just to me the final affront on the intelligence of the American people. These thugs who marched into our countries capital like the Gestapo and trashed everything The Constitution stood for is now pushing my patience. The fact that this person could commit such a high crime and instead of being brought to the stockade he is walking around as if no one was hurt by his deceptions is just the final straw for me. 

This guy walks around like he is a victim. It’s like stealing a car and the brakes fail on you, whose fault is that. What is George going to do now sue George Bush; I mean that’s all that’s left. 

When Larry King asks Mr. Tenet why he didn’t come forward sooner he had the nerve to respond “I wanted to come forward that day…but I was writing a book,” referring to Dick Cheney’s appearance on Meet the Press on September 10, claiming that Tenet said the war was a “slam dunk.” 

He was writing a book, so he allowed more innocent Americans to die because he didn’t want to scoop his own book. That seems to be a trend also. These people perpetrate the biggest lie in history, invaded a nation and basically sent our military to murder the people of Iraq, and are now selling a book about it. 

Am I the only one that thinks something is wrong with this picture? Who would even buy this book? We can hear what he has to say for free when we bring him up on charges of treason. No one should be paying for what he has to say. He worked for us and now we have to pay him to hear the truth. Join me in boycotting the new book by Tenet. This man should not make one penny from this book.

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