July 8, 2007

Somehow They Fool Some People All The Time

Although the evidence is out and it is clear that President George W. Bush and his administration not only lied about the reason for going to war, but they made a calculated effort to release the name of a CIA operative, because her husband challenged the administration. Seems this administration is going to get away with one more act of betrayal against the American People.

The recent revelations about the conditions at the Military Hospital Walter Reid, is more than a black eye but a gaping head wound to the Bush group. How could they allow our soldiers to be treated this way; in mold, roach and rat infested conditions. A hospital is supposed to be a sterile environment. Yes, you should be able to eat off the floors. Is there any doubt as to what is important to the Bush gang? OIL O-I-L, OIL. Bush has secured the oil fields of Iraq but has failed to launch a real effort in the rebuilding of New Orleans. What more has to happen before people wake up about Bush and his intentions? 

Even though a jury of his peers found that Scooter Libby former chief of staff to Vice President Cheney violated the law, it appears that George Bush may pardon him. After swearing that he would fire anyone responsible for leaking the name of an undercover agent in the CIA, Bush has reneged on that promise. I remember when one could not be allowed to renege at a game of spades and now we are letting our president lie to us in our faces. 

Scooter who tried to use what I call the Ronald Reagan defense, claims he could not remember any details surrounding the leak of a CIA asset. Remember that Bill Clinton was impeached for not telling the entire truth about a personal matter between himself and a consenting adult. For this minor lie he was almost removed from office, yet Bush and his "gang" are allowed to lie and lie and lie without penalty, now the scandal with Walter Reid Hospital. 

This hospital is not in a far off place but in Washington DC, and they did not know that there were substandard conditions there? What does this administration know? I know that some say we don't have time to impeach Bush because it may take too long, but what about war crimes. This man has caused the death of over 3,000 American, and over one hundred thousand Iraqi's. We have another hundred thousand Americans injured and they could not even see to it that they got the "quality care" that should be afforded to anyone who offers their life through military service. 

George Bush has declared himself to be "the war President" but who is he really fighting against. It sure isn't the people who launched the attack on September 11. He has basically declared war on our civil rights, has started an illegal war just to support his own financial gain. I disagree with those who say George Bush is stupid. I think he is far from stupid. I think that Bush is just a gangsta. How many times have we seen it? He is Corleone, Tony Montana come to life; they didn't care what other people said. The voices of others meant nothing to them. Once they made their mind up that was it. They were going all out. 

George Bush is going all out, he understood he was not going to be president forever so he did what he needed to in order to ensure his future financially with total disregard for those who give their lives in service to this country. I say on with the WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL.

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