January 31, 2008

Send In Moses And Here Are His Talking Points

I was just watching Hillary speak about credit cards and the fact that she thought we should cap impossible interest rates at 30% for credit card companies. Well thirty percent might seem low to Hillary but tell that to the everyday person who is trying to feed a family on a single income. You could feel the gaff in the audience. The idea of a thirty percent cap is terrifying to the people this election is supposed to be about. We need laws that are people friendly, laws that are not only looking out for the corporate interest but for the average person. Hillary cannot win because she is not in touch with the everyday man, her and Bill have lived privilege life and in a bubble their entire political career.

Here are the talking points:

1. With all of the experience Hillary talks about how come she did not know that George Bush was lying (yes lying, it's time someone said it, we are all thinking it) when he took this country to war? Shouldn't she have picked up the phone and called someone to get confirmation as to whether or not Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Shouldn't she have shown more support for the UN report that showed Saddam had dismantled his nuclear weapons program? The reason that this is a huge issue is because people DIED behind this disastrous decision that the Clintons are now trying to write off as just a faux pas. She should not be trusted with the economy because it is obvious that she has sold out to big corporations and will probably have an economic policy similar to her husband and George Bush Two. Big tax cuts for corporations.

2. We don't want anything less than complete universal Healthcare. Pay our doctors a descent and fair wage and let healthcare be a fundamental right of the American people. People should not have to pay for basic or preventative healthcare. A tooth cleaning, yearly checkup, treatment of common cold or flu, minor cuts and breaks, or illness screening should not become burdens for corporations or regular citizens. This is why we pay taxes! This will help in ending poverty.

3. I hate it when I hear politicians talk about giving vouchers and grants to allow children to go to the school of their choice because they are currently trapped in failing public schools. Where is the accountability of our leaders and administrators? Politicians are part of the reason public schools are failing. How could they let our public schools fail? And let’s face it, public schools in affluent areas are not failing, their students are thriving, only the public schools in poor and minority areas failing. There is no arts program, no culture, no shop, and no exposure to the possibilities of their potential. This speaks to the inequality that is still prevalent in America. Let’s have equal education up to and including the first two years of college as a fundamental right for every American. This is why we pay taxes! This will help in ending poverty and restore dignity to our communities.

4. Seniors and Veterans should be taken care of from healthcare to housing, and entertainment and meals, the people who have worked hard and paid their dues to the country and the economy should not die lonely, hungry, cold, and homeless. We are supposed to be a compassionate nation; we show that compassion to other countries. The way we treat our elderly and veterans should make any American embarrassed. That is why we pay taxes; this will help in ending poverty and restore dignity to our communities

5. The economy should not get in the way of doing something about our environment. We need to drastically change our consumption habits. We need to understand that the way we consume energy and goods is leading to massive pollution of the planet and ultimately the extinction of the human animal. We can't all move to Mars. We must clean our air and cut our dependency for foreign oil and fossil fuels.

Barack must not come off so smug, calling the Florida Primary a beauty contest is an insult to Floridians every time he says it. I am insulted and I am not from Florida. It is those small things that may turn a voter off. We like that Barack is straight forward, but he needs to take the conversation to a higher level.

Barack is obviously a man of class and substance and the way that he has handled the Edwards departure shows why he should be the Democratic Nominee. There is no doubt that he has the ability to unite and inspire people, but he needs to show me he has the guts to be President and the wisdom to not be a bully. That he is not just thirsty for power which is how I feel about Hillary, but that he is going to truly listen to the people. 

I don't like Barack’s healthcare plan. I do believe that it falls short. I don't like Hillary or John Edwards plan either. I think they all leave room for a re-emergence of the kind of problems that face us today. 

I do believe Barack has enough experience to be president but I wonder does he have the balls. Is he going to look out for the American people, the children, our future? Are we going to be able to see Barack in the regular neighborhoods? What is going to be done about the Bush Regime? I'm still listening.

If this election is showing anything it is that the people are restless. We are wandering in darkness and we need Moses. Someone to lead us out of this darkness, for right now we are staggering in the wilderness and we are ready for the truth and real leadership. We need someone who can take the lead in the great moral debate. Why is it wrong to give a hand to people who don't have as much? Why are we so intolerant of other nations and their cultures? 

Where is Moses? We need real straight talk. We need Moses. We need someone who can part the sea of hatred and fear. We need someone who can broker the biggest deal in American History and merge us into ONE United States of America. Send in Moses.

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