February 13, 2008

Can We Shorten The Work Week

I could not help but think of the irony and how we have to thank George Bush. I have been living in this country for almost thirty years. I have always had an interest in politics, I love the game. Move and counter move. I have to admit that sometimes I get frustrated when I think someone should have made a particular point and it was lost by the distraction of media or moment. But the fact that we are in this moment just seems to be miraculous to me. Four years ago most people had never heard the name Barack Obama. Some saw him speak at the Democratic Convention but many did not. Most of the country was tuned out at that time. We have been in the spell of hatred and fear forced to accept an unjust war, and incompetent president and the crashing economy. All these things due to the worst president ever George Walker Bush Jr., and I just want to take this moment to say thank you George Bush.

I thank George Bush because without him I don't know if a Barack Obama candidacy would have been as successful. If Bush had not been such a complete disaster I don't know if the country would have been ready to embrace Obama. So, in trying to find something positive about the Bush administration, I chose to focus on this. When I focus on this I can not think of the soldier who is dying for no real reason. The mother who is on the brink of losing her job because her mega-corporation is forcing her to work ten hour days, knowing she is a single mother. The drug infestation in our inner city communities. I don't have to think about the teacher who is showing her belly ring to her students instead of taking great care of the precious minds that look to her for guidance. I don't have to think about reality.

These are the problems that face this America. The real America, not the America on Regis and Kelly. Writers could afford to strike for three months, most people can't afford to fight for fair wages. Now we have a chance to fight for things that really matter in people's everyday life, I think one of the most important things is to shorten the work week. 30 hours should be enough for the fat cats who sit in boardrooms and play golf. Why should the little people spend their entire lives working to make rich people richer and not having the time necessary to cultivate their own families to help them rise. I think the times call for it. We need a drastic change in the way that people are treated in the work place.

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