April 26, 2008

A Well Regulated Militia

Because of Obama's recent comments the second amendment has become part of the debate. Isn’t it great that Obama is allowing us to speak about these issues honestly? We have been having the big gun debate for decades, and in the mean time we've had thousands of killings in the inner city (drug battles being fought in our neighborhood street), thousands of spouses killing each other. We've had thousands of "accidental shootings" many involving children. 

There have been dozens of shootings in schools and colleges across the country, the periodical police hail of bullets on innocent Americans, and of course the vice president shooting his friend in the face.

Even with all this evidence as to why individuals should not have guns, those who believe in guns cling to the second amendment as the constitutional right to own and have a gun in their homes. The problem is many of these supporters have never read the second amendment and are listening to the politicians who use this as a wedge issue by dividing Americans into an us against them mentality.

April 9, 2008

Barack Campaign Superior By Far

The superiority of the Obama campaign was displayed when he started out by raising just as much money as Hillary. I think she was finished after Iowa but things just had to play out. It is clear that Obama had the delegate strategy down and understood his mission in this contest. Hillary ran a campaign of entitlement, one that said she was owed the White House because of what she went through as first lady. She believed she was going to play off her husbands popularity and that would translate into votes for her.

She also listened to the media who had her crowned as the next Democratic Nominee, she believed her own hype. She positioned herself in a delegate rich and popular state to gain leverage and national attention. But she wasn't listening to the people, only her own ambition. 

Obama had the pulse of the populous. Imagine if Obama was our president after 911. Remember the energy of the country. People were desperate for leadership, real leadership. We were desperate for the truth and peace. Instead we got lies and war and death. The media lied to us and politicians thought we were buying it. They thought we were completely fooled and ready to be mislead again. 

April 8, 2008

Uplifting Day

This day turned out to be as typical as it was unusual. It started out with my train going out of service three stops from where I got on and I had to go about fifteen more stops. As we all unloaded onto the narrow platform I thought about being late for work and positioning myself near the door to ensure that I would be able to get on the train. Well when the train came I got on and got a seat, my day was taking a twist because on the last train I was standing. I sat down and closed my eyes and started to doze off.
When I opened my eyes I was underground and standing before me was a lady wearing an Obama button. It was just a round blue background with “OBAMA” typed across it. I was shocked and I couldn’t hold back the smile. I glanced around the train to see if I saw anymore Obama buttons, this was unusual for me because I don’t usually see politics paraphernalia on the subway and I live in New York. Here only business is on the mind, and we trek to work in a daily grind without even noticing. You would think with our reputation we would be more expressive, breaking out their “Obama” signs all over the place, but I had never seen anyone else since the primaries or even before wearing any kind of political signage on the subway.