May 9, 2008

Journey Indiana

I decided to go to Indiana because I knew that Obama would need as much help as he could get there. I traveled with two ladies that I met while campaigning in Philadelphia. I originally planned to fly but decided to drive because I thought it would be a more enriching experience. I was right.

Saturday afternoon we loaded up our PT Cruiser and headed to the mid-west. I have never been to the mid-west. After four hours of driving I thought only Pennsylvania was to the west, it took hours to get through Pennsylvania, but we dashed through West Virginia, then Ohio, finally reaching Indiana around four o’clock in the morning. The entire drive we stayed up, discussing politics, society, culture, government, our next president, and the movement we are building. All three of us were unlikely volunteers, and none of us ever worked on a political campaign before. Two ladies over fifty and me, a single mom, we hailed from Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. We dubbed ourselves The Tri-State for Obama.

The sun began to rise as I sped through Indiana anxious to reach our destination to get some sleep. I got pulled over by the police. He told me I was going ninety, I said I thought I was going eighty; the speed limit was sixty-five. One of the ladies shouted “we are here for Obama”. He said “license and registration, please”. When he returned after checking my credentials, he let me go with a warning, THANK YOU OFFICER. I asked how far to Indianapolis, he responded ten minutes but if I go ninety I will get there quicker. I promised I would be off the road in ten minutes, thanked him and continued my journey. We arrived in Indianapolis Sunday morning about nine am, around fifteen hours after we departed. Thank you to the receptionist at the University Place Hotel for allowing us an early check in. After the long night of driving, some breakfast and hotel check, surprisingly we had so much energy and excitement about being in Indianapolis to work for Obama, we decided to go to the headquarters and check in. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at the headquarters on Fulton who welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home.

On day one Sunday we went to a rally outside the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Hillary supporters were across from us trying their best but we brought it. There was a high school band, an African band and plenty of supporters wearing their Hoosier for Obama jerseys, yelling “Barack the vote”, “be a part of something great, vote Barack in 08”. We chanted and danced for hours never giving in to the Hillary camp, later we went to volunteer headquarters on Meridian to help with office work preparing for the next day of visiting voters, delivering door hangers with polling information. There were volunteers from all over; Chicago, Pennsylvania, California. Max Kennedy (Robert Kennedy’s son) came by and gave a thrilling speech; this was a treat because I was out canvassing when he visited the office in Philadelphia.

May 5, 2008

Hillary Wants To Be President

Even when she is caught in a lie and admits lying the media glosses over it as if it never happened but then wants Obama held accountable for not getting the racist vote, or the words of his pastor, or his Illinois friends.

Hillary doesn't care how she gets this election as long as she is the nominee. It doesn't matter that she has to lie and cheat. She doesn't care if it tears the party apart and hands the election over to the republicans. She just wants it to be her. 

She knows that she has very high negatives, she knows that the republicans are not going to stop attacking her and distracting America from the issues during her reign. She knows that Barack Obama is ahead and she has not closed the deal in sixteen months of campaigning and four months of voting. She is the one who has failed to put Obama away. She just wants to be the first female president, because her husband was president and that gives her the experience to be president.