May 5, 2008

Hillary Wants To Be President

Even when she is caught in a lie and admits lying the media glosses over it as if it never happened but then wants Obama held accountable for not getting the racist vote, or the words of his pastor, or his Illinois friends.

Hillary doesn't care how she gets this election as long as she is the nominee. It doesn't matter that she has to lie and cheat. She doesn't care if it tears the party apart and hands the election over to the republicans. She just wants it to be her. 

She knows that she has very high negatives, she knows that the republicans are not going to stop attacking her and distracting America from the issues during her reign. She knows that Barack Obama is ahead and she has not closed the deal in sixteen months of campaigning and four months of voting. She is the one who has failed to put Obama away. She just wants to be the first female president, because her husband was president and that gives her the experience to be president.

It doesn't matter that she is tarnishing the legacy of her husband the former president. It doesn't matter that Bill held the highest office in the land, he proved he can go right back to the gutter he crawled out of. Bill figured his wife getting in would be a validation of his presidency because he knew the Republicans controlled the agenda during his time. What better way to stick it to the republicans by having his wife rule on his behalf.

The Republicans love the idea of The Clintons because they know they have defeated them before. They were successful in uniting the party under the Clinton regime and took over the congress. They were able to pass their agenda, NAFTA, THREE STRIKES, WELFARE TO WORK. The Clintons were compromised on issues like health care, education, gun control, and gave in on supreme court nominations.

They were investigated for questionable stock and land deals, use of government funds. They were scandalized with sexual harassment lawsuits, and impeachment for lying about sex, renting the Lincoln bedroom and fundraising in the white house. The Clintons made it possible for George Bush to emerge. They left the democratic party weakened and vulnerable. They want to bring all of this back.

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