September 9, 2008

Barack Fights Today

When Palin says McCain is the only one who fought for us, she is discrediting all the people who fight against injustice and for equality, women's rights, voting rights, health rights, workers rights, rights for the poor, children's rights, veterans rights----community organizers. These type of people also fight for america, that she may be true to the promise laid out within her documents.

The Republicans are just flat out liars and have an us against them mentality, thats not change we can believe in. They exploit the ignorance of the american public and unfortunately there are many Americans who find their type of politics appealing. The good thing is their numbers are shrinking, McCain is banking that they are still the majority out there, November 4, will be a shock for him. 

The country wants to move forward, we want policies that are fair to majority of Americans, we want quality education, affordable healthcare, we also want to heal and become a community. We are tired of divisive politics and John McCain is out of touch if he still believes that will work.

Obama has been fighting for us, he became our voice. People think we follow Obama like sheep, what they dont know is Obama is just the vessel, we were already out there. He, however heard our voices, and it resonated with his, and that's how we became one. He stood up to Washington when no one else would, he spoke out against the war, and wasnt afraid to say so. He actually attended a march against the war.

September 7, 2008

Not This Time, Not This Year

When I think about the presidential race I am reminded of old Kung Fu flicks, a story of a two masters. Two masters, an elder, and the apprentice. Let’s say these two masters are going out on a journey of challenges and were given a chance to take one companion along to assist them, someone who could possibly complete it for them. One of them have chosen and apprentice and the other an elder.

The master, who chose the apprentice, has chosen someone with lesser years and even lesser knowledge which makes it a teacher-student relationship. It is unlikely that the teacher will ever agree with anything the student says and would rarely seek advice from the student because of the nature of the relationship, it’s antagonistic—and intimidating. By choosing the student the master reinforces his power position as master. The student is expected to be patient and learn from the teacher, but the student pushes because they are eager. It is likely the teacher will only consult the student after a decision is made and would do so as a test, to see how the student’s education is going; the student is beholden to the master. By choosing someone younger the master enhances his physical strength. He does not want someone of his years who may not be able to complete the journey. This master is John McCain. He has chosen to preserve the future of the Republican Party by choosing Sarah Palin; she is the fearless apprentice eager to carry the mantle of the republicans into the future. But in choosing her McCain weakens his position, neutralizing the main argument he used against Obama, it shows the arrogance of McCain, daring the country to challenge this choice. John McCain has chosen someone who can only serve him and the Republican Party, because she has not developed the bonafide or the knowledge base to go it alone, but when her education is complete she is in a position to run for the presidency giving her an advantage over anyone candidate that comes along she will be become a master.