October 23, 2008

Peggy Noonan Is Jealous Of Obama

I have heard about Peggy Noonan for a very long time. I may have read the Wall Street Journal once so I was not familiar with her views. I understand that she wrote speeches for Ronald Reagan, and I remember how convincing Reagan was.

I am tired of Peggy Noonan talking about how Obama is full of him self and likes to praise himself. She implies Obama is caught up in his own hype. I am beginning to see why Reagan was so convincing because Peggy was there to twist words. In her critique of Senator Obama's statement yesterday "I feel we have a righteous wind at our backs" she says Obama feels its all about him and Reagan would never say that. Reagan, she went on would say (paraphrasing) "there is a righteous wind ushering in our ideas". BullS*%#. She went on to talk about the concern for the cult of personality that was going on, and Reagan would never talk about himself but his ideas. Sure Peggy.

I think its fascinating that she would know what Reagan would say since Reagan is dead, and the world has changed drastically since the Reagan era. But when I looked at what she said and Obama's statement I realized that Peggy is only upset that Obama does not need her to write his speeches.

Peggy's words are full of hot air, and Obama's were sincere. Obama was talking about his supporters. He said "our backs", not his back, and by our backs he is referring to our ideas, because ultimately that is what people are voting for. When you listen to his complete statement he was encouraging his supporters telling them not to give up, we have the wind at our backs and even when we feel tired we should fight on. I'm surprised Peggy didn’t get that.

In case you didn’t realize or haven't been paying attention Peggy, he is our spokesperson, and he is speaking to us and for us.

In the time that I have been watching her on Morning Joe I have not been impressed with her, and I also notice she has no problem when people bestow praise on her and she doesn't have a problem speaking of Reagan as if he were a god. She was nicely quieted by the former Ambassador to the UN, who when explained Obamas understanding of the complexity of the challenges that faces the next president. Peggy asked the ridiculous question of whether Obama can make a decision, stating dismissively "we know he understands things but can he make a decision?" The Ambassador explained that not only does his entire life testify to his decisiveness but he is also an example of character, something important to Noonan, she was left speechless after the Ambassador statements.

Later on in the broadcast she went on to talk about John McCain's ability to bring "sophistication and decisiveness" on Military issues, when she was refuted by the author of "The American Way of War" she retreated to comment only that it was not discussed on the campaign trail and it was a missed opportunity. She appeared pathetic and wounded; she looked like a columnist and not a journalist. She also talked about voting and that one should genuinely "care and take the time to know about the issues" before they vote, can someone say "elitist". Yet she still supports John McCain even though he picked a vice presidential candidate that hasn’t shown understanding of the issues, Peggy thinks its okay for Sarah to run the country, when according to Peggy’s own standards Sarah isn’t even qualified to vote. Peggy comes off as just another right wing nut.

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