October 2, 2008

The Flag Pin

I am so moved by the fact that Obama has chosen to wear the "flag pin". I am one that did not feel it necessary for him to prove his patriotism, but I understand that someone gave him that pin and he has worn it ever since. By this little gesture he is doing two things honoring the family that gave him the pin and reaching out to those who feel this gesture is important and could influence their vote. I do not see any other politician wearing the flag pin but Obama has to wear it because he is black, it was as simple as that for me. But I see in this gesture a very thoughtful, caring, decent man.

While the flag had been a caricature of patriotism Obama has managed to restore some of the lost honor. When I think about the so called "rural white voter", I think this is the best gesture he could give them to show he is a true American and truly has the interest of all Americans. We know that many of these voters are also the people who feel Obama may be a Muslim, and doesn't salute the flag, (I don't ever remember saluting the national anthem). By wearing the flag pin he says to those voters he hears their concerns. While he may not get their vote this time around he is representing them in his campaign. Maybe a few might change their minds. I believe the only thing Obama can do is get into office and institute policies that will change these voters lives, and they will overwhelmingly support him in four years. 

It is amazing to watch Obama and how skillful he is as a politician, the way he maneuvers through the minefield of presidential politics, his intelligence and wisdom is remarkable, and his confidence and charisma is off the charts. A true phenomenon. He really represents the best of America and the possibilities this country has to offer.

I listen to his stumps every day and although I know what I am going to hear, it is as if I am hearing him speak for the first time-every time I feel refreshed. He is so inspirational and pleasing to the eyes, his voice is like a painter using long strokes, or like smooth jazz, with the uncanny ability to relax you and get you pump up at the same time.

He is the ideal president, the American President, uniquely qualified to represent us all. His story is the American story, the immigrant story, the civil rights story, a multi-racial story, a story of education, hard work and responsibility, but most of all a love story--not just the love that we see him share with Michelle and his children but the love he clearly has for this country and its people. Why else would he risk everything to run for office. This man could have sat back and said "I will just make money and secure the future of my family", but he chose to put himself out there, to risk his life, his pride, his security and that of his family to ensure a better future for our families. That's courage, that is making a sacred sacrifice. That's putting country first.

Here is a man that stands up for what he believes, the American worker, the American family, Education, Service, Equality. I admire the fact that he will not back down from his proposed programs, why should he. We are the richest nation and yet the people get no services for their money. How is that possible? Yes, we have roads and bridges, but we still pay a toll. This country has lots of money. If we can blow up a million dollars every time we drop a bomb, we can spend that million on our children's education, I think it is better spent that way. I don't mind my tax dollars going to some social programs like education--building high-tech schools and teacher salary increases, programs like healthcare for everyone. I would rather that than building prisons and fighting wars. Obama has a plan for America, it is a clear plan with a focus on the average person. Those voters in Appalachia, and rural america will finally get a president who will not forget them after election day.

Victory, one we can define, is only a few short weeks away. I have to admit I am nervous, I am feeling butterflies, but I am also confident of this win, Obama is a master campaigner. Try as they may they will not be able to take it away. I am so proud of the race Obama has run. Thank you Senator Obama, for bringing class and dignity back to the electoral process. I know you are tired but you know we are with you, I cant wait until November 4, so you can get some rest. You are going to need plenty for the mess that faces you in the white house and congress, but I know that you are up to the challenge. I admire that you are humble enough to wear the flag pin, and tough enough to look John McCain in the eye. I respect that you don't know how long you've been married, and smart enough to always give praise to Michelle, referring to her as your rock and the love of your life. You are intelligent enough to see that America is made up of small parts but wise enough to know we are one people, and we must behave as one nation.

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