December 6, 2008

No Bail Out For Hillary

Taking Obama's advice and sharing my story-

I went to my mailbox today and in there was a letter from Joe Biden asking me to donate $100 dollars to help Hillary Clinton retire her debt. First of all I did not make any pledge to Hillary Clinton. 

Earlier this year I donated during Obama’s One In A Million, promotion and I never got my "one in a million" t-shirt. I have been campaigning since January for this movement, I have phone banked and gone to two states. I purchased three copies of Obama's books. I did canvassing knocking on hundred of doors, and entered countless data into Votebuilder, and made signs. I have been to two rallies and fundraisers, convinced friends and co-workers to vote for the ticket Obama/Biden.

So imagine how pissed off I am to open my email and see a letter from the Obama campaign telling me about the pledge they made to help Hillary pay off her debts and asking me for money. Listen you made the pledge you give her the money. Hillary Clinton and her husband are worth over $100 million who should be helping whom. Obama is making enormous amounts of money from his books he can afford to help Hillary.

Hillary decided to run for president, she knew what was involved and did not plan for it. Even though she was losing and her campaign was running out of money she continued the effort. She claims she loaned her campaign money, personally I don’t know how someone lends themselves money. She was investing in herself and unfortunately it didn't pay off, that's how it is sometimes. When my investments fail, or the losses I incurred trying to start a small business no one bailed me out. She poorly managed her campaign and now I am being asked to reward her, how will she learn the lessons there. 

She should have suspended her campaign when it became mathematically impossible for her to win. This debt is her responsibility alone. I think it is appalling that a millionaire is asking common folk to help them with a debt. How insulting to the hardworking people who donated to this movement, having to endure the insults and injuries Clinton caused with her tactics.

Yes, I know the campaign is over, but I never thought Hillary would be a good president, that's why I did not support her candidacy and I am not going to fund her debt. I think the fact that she is nominated for Secretary of State is enough sacrifice for me, did you promise her that during the campaign too Obama?

I don't know how she will do considering her record on healthcare and this recent campaign. If I look at those two incidents as her resume I would say she doesn't manage money well, and she doesn't have an ability to lead. I think she is good at carrying out a task and I am hoping that's the reason Obama is nominating her. I think it is nice that Hillary now has to work for him considering all the mess she talked about Obama not being ready to lead. He did tell her during the campaign that he was looking forward to her working for him, so we did see some type of appointment coming.

I am not sure I trust Hillary yet and she has to show me more than being a good campaigner. Yes, I understand there are valid reasons for choosing her and they have been cited by the campaign and I agree those reasons are all pros for Hillary.  Since she has been trusted with such a delicate and high profile position (not a bad conciliation prize) now she can really prove herself by carrying out Obama's agenda. I think it's a good idea to have her in a situation where Obama has control, in the senate she would be his nemesis. 

Now is the time for her to prove she is a person of integrity and morals by paying off her own debt. This should be a growing process for her; I have a problem with people who crave the spotlight because they are often part of the problem. I am looking forward to the Obama administration and wait to see how it will rise to the many challenges that are dominating the headlines, and those that are not; like education and poverty, racial tension and profiling, the lack of community centers and outreach programs in impoverished neighborhoods. This is what I care about, not some millionaires debt that she brought on herself.

I am sorry Obama, forgiving is good, working together is good, but I also believing in standing for what I believe in. I understand diplomacy and the need for everyone to get along but I have to draw the line here. Maybe you could show me your word is bond by sending my autographed pictures and t-shirt first.

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