February 15, 2009

Republicans Are Smarter Than Democrats

I hope the country is taking notes and the Democrats are learning their lesson. Here we are eight years after Bush drove the country and the economy into a toilet, the Republicans are faced with an opportunity to act in a bi-partisan manner what do they do? The expected---they took the opposing position, came up with their own plan and demanded support for their plan. So for everyone that was blaming the tanking economy on Bush here is your proof he did not do it alone, the republican membership was there to rubber stamp his proposal and budgets. Even though the republican way of doing things obviously failed under Reagan and both Bushes, after major losses in both congress and the presidency the Republicans still demand their agenda is the choice of the people. They seem to think the election is only about personalities and not ideas. They don’t get it. As Obama stated the ground has shifted and they have failed to realize it.

What is most significant about the vote on this stimulus package is the obvious, NOT ONE House REPUBLICAN voted for it. I could not help but think about the past eight years. I could not help but think what a different country we would have if the democrats had stood up to Bush and the republicans the way they Repubs and standing firm now. I can’t help but thinking how we would not have Guantanamo or an illegal war against the Iraqi people and pillaging of the American coffers with no-bid contracts. We would not have lost over 4,000 young men and women if the Democrats stood up to the Republicans. 

Wow! Happy Presidents Day

At his final rally in the general election Barack Obama looked out at the crowd of 75 thousand gathered in Virginia late November third and simply said “WOW”. That’s my wrap up of the past year. After wondering in the wilderness of the Bush Administration I can finally see the light. I feel like the past eight years were lived in a fog of fear, greed, and hatred. John Kerry described the previous administration; I believe the word he used was “thugs”. It gave a reading of the temperature in Washington, DC--brutally cold and ruthless. With Bush winning a second term I dug in for the next four years the one bright spot-Bush would definitely be out after this term. John Edwards was the first to announce and I remembered liking him when he ran for vice-President and wishing he were at the top of the ticket. John Edwards was saying all the right things focusing on poverty, health care, and speaking to the working class. I supported his candidacy and when Obama announced I openly blogged on Edwards site for a partnership with Obama, not caring in what order the ticket fell, I did believe America might have to be eased into a black presidency, maybe with a vice-president first. I worried about defeating the Clinton machinery, but by late fall 2007, I was solidly an Obama supporter.

Things heated up when the voting began, I rushed home from work January 3rd to catch the results and listen to analysis. I was hoping for an Obama win but did not underestimate his major competitors Edwards and Clinton. I watched as the numbers began to come in---oh my goodness, the inevitable candidate came in third and the freshman Senator from Illinois pulled a major upset. With that win came a tectonic shift in the political landscape.

Iowa was significant because it changed minds. I was a firm believer before, but Iowa made me move into action, I started getting involved in the Obama campaign, donating time and money and I didn’t looked back—I had never volunteered or gave money to any presidential campaign, this time I was “FIRED UP”!