March 14, 2009

No Public Option For The Private Party

What services do we really get for all the taxes we pay? A driver’s license-don’t we pay for that? A bridge or tunnel, don’t we pay a toll? The post office, we still pay for shipping and postage. Now we have many republicans saying that a pubic option should not be available. To me a public option should be the only option and from there you get to choose your doctor. Under a system like this the good doctors would thrive and the terrible doctors would go away. The patients could rate the doctor and the information would be available to the public in regional or central databases. 

I honestly do not see a need for insurance companies, having a third person in the doctors’ office often impacts the kind of care one receives and an unnecessary stress on the patient. Often we are wondering is the insurance going to cover this or how about when the insurance company screws up the paper work. I remember once I ran into a dentist office, a place I had been many times before, with an abscessed tooth. Well after the x-ray and waiting for the doctor to start the procedure of removing the tooth he came in and told me that my insurance was cancelled and he could not remove the tooth. Yes he made me get out of the chair and leave his office.  On top of it he was annoyed that he had already taken the x-rays and questioned me about payment for them. Why, was my insurance cancelled? A misplaced form.

The free market is good for electronics and clothing, but not our healthcare. I consider practicing medicine to be like teaching; you get into the profession because you want to help people, not get rich. I am not saying doctors shouldn't have a decent life, but why should their expectations be to live extravagantly.