June 16, 2009

Destroying America

What Cheney is doing right now is trying to create a toxic situation for the American people but a win win situation for himself. By being the mouthpiece of the Bush Administration he could have successfully made it impossible to prosecute him without creating speculation that the administration is just trying to get back at him for speaking out. What is Cheney doing, we all know that he is willing to see the country get attacked again so that he and the Republicans can say “we told you so”. It is clear that his steps during the time he and Bush were in office has made Americans less safe abroad, what he is doing now is making us less-safe at home. 

We have had several incidents since Obama has taken office and we know who their leaders and spokes people are: Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, they are out there ramping up the militias, skin heads, “pro-life” , etc—all the radical groups. This is what they have in common, they are fanatics who want to create chaos and overthrow the government. They believe that America is for the white Christian people, and will do anything to see that happens including terrorist actions as we have seen in the past weeks. They are not labeled as terrorists because they are citizens, but they speak freely against the government and incite others into action. They hide behind free speech when one tries to tie their hateful rhetoric with some of these radicals. Talk about an abuse of the constitution. 

Does anyone expect me to believe that Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, and Cheney don’t know what they are doing? They don’t know their words have impact and someone who may have been on the fringe after listening to one of them could decide to take action? Aren’t they calling these people to arms with their words, that’s what I hear when I listen to one of them. The Republicans want to call everyone out for whatever they say but have the freedom to speak their own mind no matter what the consequences. During the primary when people were yelling out “terrorist” and “kill him” at Palin rallies she didn’t think her rhetoric had anything to do with it—just some nut. This is their fall back, and we have been falling for it every time they use it. When will the democrats stand up to the republicans? That is what we are waiting for. 

We are tired of seeing the democrats taking back their words and apologizing to some republican because they are offended that someone dared to speak their mind. This is why the country is the mess it is now because for eight years the Democrats did not stand up to the Republicans. Not only did they not stand up but they co-signed much of the Bush Administrations agenda, they often touted the white house talking points. The Republicans were able to say they were doing it for the good and safety of the American people, they did not care about those who were offended, they had the reigns of power and they were not afraid to steer. 

Panetta didn’t say anything that millions weren’t already thinking. I thought it, and that is what I extrapolate from Cheney’s own words. Ed Shultz said it back in April. I know many probably said it. We know this strategy, we have seen all of this before, and we may have used it ourselves. 

Let’s say that the investigation of the Bush Administration leads to criminal charges against Cheney, now Cheney can dispute actions against him citing this feud with the CIA as reason. He could frame the argument that the CIA is only trying to get even. Is this feud with Panetta, Cheney looking ahead. I know it is hard to think that Cheney could be thinking this deep and after the past eight years I don’t put anything past Cheney and Bush. 

Whatever the reason for it, I am convinced more than ever that the Right Wing agenda to destroy America is right on track. It is clear that these radicals Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, etc., are not going to stop until they have completely destroyed America so they can create in its place the all White Christian Imperialistic America they envision.

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