August 31, 2009

What Would Huckabee Do?

My comment on Huffington Post to: "Mike Huckabee Doubles Down On Controversial Kennedy Comments".  I saw Huckabee make his comments and I was totally disgusted and turned him off right after he said Obama plan would have sent the Senator home with a pill. I guess in his own twisted mind his comments were a compliment to the Senator, but I felt it was both disrespectful to Senator Kennedy and President Obama.

If we apply the Republican standards for comments I think Mike Huckabee should apologize, because a large group of people are outraged and offended by his comments. I know he will not because the Republicans don't apologize. The Republicans have a habit of seizing upon comments made by Democrats and their supporters, taking one or two words and twisting them to imply something totally different than what was intended by the speaker and demanding an apology. 

The crazy thing is they usually get their apology, this has been tested and proven.  When John Kerry made his remarks about the troops during his presidential campaign, when they used the Rev. Wright tapes against Obama, when Obama said "bitter and cling to guns", when Obama said the police behaved "stupidly", any little thing they want to take out of context.

(posted on Huffington Post, below is what I could not post)

August 13, 2009

Healthcare Dying In Waste Corruption and Ignorance

I think Obama is doing a great job trying to rebuff the lies that are being spread by the Republicans. I don’t understand why we can’t have a legitimate debate instead of these shouting matches executed by republicans and special interests. If Republicans have ideas, now is the time to put them forward. Instead of talking about what you don’t want lets hear what you do want. Let’s hear the kind of healthcare system you want in place. We all agree something has to be done; I know I am not comfortable with what we have because of many of the same reasons out there. Insurance companies are taking over, doctors and politicians are corrupts and we the patients are not free to make decisions affecting our health. What would you like to see different in the health care system? Now is the time for suggestions, not shouting. This is our future it affects our very lives.

I took my daughter to get braces a few years back and I was told by the doctor that it would cost about $2000 just for the braces but that did not cover the pre-requirements to getting the braces. I had to get a brain scan and x-rays as well as molds made and of course the health insurance did not cover it. So I went ahead and first got the molds done. I paid hundreds to get the molds made, I cannot remember the exact amount but it was either $250 or $400. When I asked the doctors for the molds they told me the molds belonged to the doctor, even though I paid for the molds. The molds should belong to me I might want to visit another dentist, but the doctor held on to the molds so if I decided to take my child to another dentist I would have to pay a new fee to get molds made. That’s why we need to reform healthcare because of things like that. What benefit does the doctor have to hold on to the mold, maybe they feel that would compel me to use them as my dentist, but that is not fair to me, why was I paying a fifty dollar co-pay, to be jerked around by the doctor. I would like a system that gives one fee that covers the braces and everything needed to get braces. The initial $2000 I was quoted was not accurate because the doctor did not tell me the out of pocket expenses for the braces, the $2000 was only what the insurance covered.