October 25, 2009


The same message to Fox News is the same message for MSNBC. Plus, MSNBC needs to make up its mind on whether it is a news channels or a tabloid channel. I heard Chris Mathews say he is a reporter, Chris you haven’t been a reporter for years. You’re definitely not a reporter when you say things like you feel a sensation up your legs when you hear Obama speak. You’re not a reporter when you tell Grayson not to be afraid of being called a Liberal and you refer to him as buddy. You not a reporter when you say the Republicans don’t believe in Neanderthals. Chris you definitely have a point of view, there is nothing wrong with that but a reporter comes from a neutral place and Chris hasn’t been neutral since he was on McLaughlin group.

October 8, 2009

Rangel Sdandal, Charlie Should Step Down

Making Charlie Rangel step down would help clarify the message that things are changing in Washington DC. I am from New York, and although Rangel is not from my district, I still considered him my congressman. The actions of Charlie Rangel are deplorable and there should be a penalty, he is on the Ways and Means Committee for goodness sake, he is a serious liability and a distraction. They need to get him out. Shame on them for electing to keep him in the chairman’s seat. Charlie unfortunately spent his congressional years living the high life. He didn’t report assets, that’s like taxes 101. The first thing when you do your taxes is to list all of your assets - unless you are hiding something. 

This is a colossal blunder on Charlie’s part to have all these skeletons in his closet. What is Charlie hiding? Democrats need to set an example, Rangel is becoming an albatross. It’s not worth keeping Rangel, questions are sure to be asked about where Rangel got the finances for certain properties, and holding down four rent stabilized apartments, trips, quid-pro-quos, he is wallowing in it. He needs to resign from congress or at least step down from chair. Serving the people is a privilege and not a right. Rangel needs to see that his current situation is not good for the people or democracy. Patterson’s current defense of the congressman does not surprise me since Patterson is also enjoying his rent stabilized apartment in Harlem.

October 4, 2009

Conflicting Message Honduras/Iran

Why democracy for Iran but not for Honduras? I have been watching a lot of the coverage of what’s been going on in Honduras and lot of the people are saying the Honduran should allow their deposed leader to come home. Why? Why can't we accept what is happening in Honduras. In Iran we want the people to rise up and cast out their government leaders and remove them from power, we also don’t want these leaders of government to resist but accept what we deem as the will of the people, that’s what we want. A peaceful overthrow of the government of Iran and to put in a government that might be friendlier to western societies. That’s exactly what happened in Honduras. There was a peaceful overthrow. There was no drawn out war, it happened overnight and it was done. Very clean, the government was gone and people were cheering, there were one or two deaths because that’s going to happen they are angry people out there, but for the most part it was pretty darn peaceful. Some were disappointed because everyone is not going to be please you can’t please everyone all the time something we should have learned in the results of our own election. The Hondurans were very diplomatic I thought,

In Iran we are saying the uprising is justified and we support that and we are asking the leaders to listen to the people yet when the people in Honduras rose up against their corrupt oppressive government we tell them to reinstate the leader. What the heck is going on here? Why is democracy important in Iran but not in Honduras? I am tired of being lied to and the American military used to threaten countries around the world. These contradictions suggest to me that democracy is not the real priority of the American government but control. We want to control the governments of every country. If the Honduran people decided to cast off their leader then shouldn’t we support that, isn’t this what we are asking the Iranians to do?

Chuck Todd Is An Idiot

Chuck Todd does not know what he is talking about and he needs to do some more research on journalism. He is an instigator and is constantly trying to drive the story instead of letting it unfold. Chuck, your job is to report not promote.  Chuck, your opinions are not news, and you are constantly injecting yourself into the story.  To think Mr. Todd it’s only a little over a year since I have seen you in front of the camera.  I don’t think I heard about you before last year primaries.
I have written about the media many times in the past and I didn’t want to come off as bashing the media.  For me it’s just holding the media accountable and calling them out. 
By the way Chuck I saw you on Bill Maher, and you were terrible.  You were once again trying to justify dictating the policy steps Obama should take rather than just reporting the news.  I heard about your little flair up after the show and how you confronted the other journalist from the nation and accused him of tarnishing your reputation.  How childish, and Chuck you were right "the great journalists are the ones who used to do it", do you remember saying that.  So by your own definition, you are not a great journalist.