October 4, 2009

Chuck Todd Is An Idiot

Chuck Todd does not know what he is talking about and he needs to do some more research on journalism. He is an instigator and is constantly trying to drive the story instead of letting it unfold. Chuck, your job is to report not promote.  Chuck, your opinions are not news, and you are constantly injecting yourself into the story.  To think Mr. Todd it’s only a little over a year since I have seen you in front of the camera.  I don’t think I heard about you before last year primaries.
I have written about the media many times in the past and I didn’t want to come off as bashing the media.  For me it’s just holding the media accountable and calling them out. 
By the way Chuck I saw you on Bill Maher, and you were terrible.  You were once again trying to justify dictating the policy steps Obama should take rather than just reporting the news.  I heard about your little flair up after the show and how you confronted the other journalist from the nation and accused him of tarnishing your reputation.  How childish, and Chuck you were right "the great journalists are the ones who used to do it", do you remember saying that.  So by your own definition, you are not a great journalist.

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