October 4, 2009

Conflicting Message Honduras/Iran

Why democracy for Iran but not for Honduras? I have been watching a lot of the coverage of what’s been going on in Honduras and lot of the people are saying the Honduran should allow their deposed leader to come home. Why? Why can't we accept what is happening in Honduras. In Iran we want the people to rise up and cast out their government leaders and remove them from power, we also don’t want these leaders of government to resist but accept what we deem as the will of the people, that’s what we want. A peaceful overthrow of the government of Iran and to put in a government that might be friendlier to western societies. That’s exactly what happened in Honduras. There was a peaceful overthrow. There was no drawn out war, it happened overnight and it was done. Very clean, the government was gone and people were cheering, there were one or two deaths because that’s going to happen they are angry people out there, but for the most part it was pretty darn peaceful. Some were disappointed because everyone is not going to be please you can’t please everyone all the time something we should have learned in the results of our own election. The Hondurans were very diplomatic I thought,

In Iran we are saying the uprising is justified and we support that and we are asking the leaders to listen to the people yet when the people in Honduras rose up against their corrupt oppressive government we tell them to reinstate the leader. What the heck is going on here? Why is democracy important in Iran but not in Honduras? I am tired of being lied to and the American military used to threaten countries around the world. These contradictions suggest to me that democracy is not the real priority of the American government but control. We want to control the governments of every country. If the Honduran people decided to cast off their leader then shouldn’t we support that, isn’t this what we are asking the Iranians to do?

Forced democracy breeds corruption. No one is thinking about going to war with Honduras in order to bring about democracy to Honduras. Why maybe because Honduras has no oil. This is the conflicting message that American sends around the world. What is really important to us, is it democracy or natural resources. These two things are intertwined and maybe that is why many nations resist because it only seems we want to bring democracy so we can control the natural resources of a particular county.

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