December 30, 2009

Obama Gets An A+

My response to Question: 

What grade do you give Obama and why?

I give Obama an A+ and here is why. 
He defied all the odds and got himself elected, he came to the job when everything was screwed up, everything.

1) He handled the Economic Crisis, maybe some of us don't like the result but we are stable. Yes he has more work to do but he has only been there eleven months.

2) He controlled the healthcare debate and kept members of Congress focused on the mission allowing them to pass the legislation. I know it is not the exact language we want but he is moving forward and it really is better than nothing--there are some important changes that will take effect once he signs that legislation---but the fact is he is close to signing it---that has never happened before?

3) He addressed Gitmo Prison (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) -- and is taking steps to close it.  Whether you agree or not, it's the right thing to do--even if he has to put them in his home state.

4) He redefined Iraq and refocused the troops in Afghanistan

5) He continues to do town halls speaking directly to the people--he remains visible and reassuring.

6) He has changed our perception in the world and now we are gaining respect again.

7) He exhibits patience and wisdom---I know many would like him to just go in there and wave his magical wand and poof the world would be okay--but no one was able to do it before and we shouldn't have unreasonable expectations when it comes to Obama

8) He has to deal with FAUX NEWS--despite all the lies, attacks, accusations that are lodged at him by the radicals, the republicans, the spineless democrats he remains composed and diligently moves forward.

9) He has a clear vision for america and smart enough to know that change doesn't happen over night.

10) He immediately increased the take home paycheck for working families by decreasing taxes.

11) He extended Cobra and made it almost affordable(lol)

12) He is married to Michelle who started a vegetable garden at the White House

13) HE WON NOBEL PEACE PRIZE--whether you think he deserves it or not--he won it--and if he won it--he deserves it.

14) In his past ten months he has done much better than the last guy did in eight years.....shall I continue?

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