November 13, 2010

Jon Stewart Is Right, Rachel Maddow Doesn't Get It

OK after reading the commentary around the web, I finally saw the much talked about interview with Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart. It leaves me very sad, and disappointed in "the left". I think Jon did a great job explaining his intentions and what the rally was. "I could have gotten on the field" he said in trying to show a distinction between himself and real activism. He also did an excellent job explaining his show and what he considers “media”, what leaves me sad is that Rachel just did not get it but stayed stuck on trying to make the "lefty points". I don’t understand why she didn’t get that Jon’s show is a criticism of news. Jon is saying there is very little journalism going on in cable news, and everything is sensationalized, when there is a real opportunity to do in-depth reporting because they do have twenty-four hours of time to fill. Instead of showing lock-up/lock-down MSNBC could do real investigating , and try something different like exposing corruption as apposed to just mimicking Fox News. I have long complained about the redundancy of the media which Jon referred to as “the relay” and the way the other channels not only became fox-like but are now totally allowing Fox News to write the narrative. The other channels have basically just started covering fox and that is why the country is going to heck, because no matter what the fox agenda gets out. media if you don’t get what Jon is saying then shame on you.

I think what Jon was saying is fox has done a good job of De-legitimizing the media, while wielding a great deal of power themselves. If they report on Fox News that the mainstream media is just out to get them and they turn on MSNBC and all they see are people criticizing fox and calling Glenn Beck crazy and showing clips of reports from Fox News, then what are they to think. Wouldn’t you believe that what Fox was saying may be true? Instead of the other two networks sticking to hard news and facts; they have helped to reinforced fox’s caricature of media. I don’t need the media telling me what to be mad about, I just want the information and I’ll decide if it upsets me. The tea-partiers disrupting town hall meetings would have better contrasted if the person delivering the information weren’t also yelling.

November 1, 2010

Take America Back To The Future

I saw a sign from the rally on Saturday that resonated with me; it states exactly what I feel about the country right now and how important this election is for America as a nation. I have always felt the country had a very short memory, but why don’t people remember? So here is my written version of what I remember in the past thirty years since I have been following politics. Remember that it was Reagan a Republican who left Clinton a deficit. Remember we had a banking scandal under the first George Bush a Republican. Remember Bush2 lied about weapons of mass destruction and the Republicans and media went along with the lie, and remember people are still DYING as a consequence of that lie. Remember they impeached Clinton, but would not consider investigating Bush. Remember they outsourced our jobs and our government and our military. Remember Halliburton, and Blackwater. Remember Watergate, and the government shutdown in 1995. Remember how Republicans bash government but still want to be a part of it, remember that many of them have been a part of it for many years, like Boehner and McCain, remember how corrupt they are, remember that McCain chose Palin as his VP Candidate, and most of all remember the Tea Party and Republicans were SILENT during all of this! REMEMBER THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR OBAMA - and the Republicans and Tea Party have spent the past two years saying he is not legitimate, disrespecting your vote, as if only their vote counts. Remember they are not respecting your love for this country or the democratic process. Remember they did it during the war, if you weren’t for the war; you hated America, now if you don’t believe Obama is a socialist Muslim born in Kenya then you don’t love America.

Remember that for some the vote was not given but fought for, like women. Remember the civil war ended in the 1800’s but Jim Crowe ended in 1964. Remember what the founding fathers wrote, that America is not and will not be perfect but we should strive towards a more perfect union. Remember the Tea Party and Republicans think America is perfect, remember they want to dismantle the current Constitution and go back to the Constitution of the 1700s. Remember this is the millennium. Remember the contradictions in their argument. VOTE, NOV. 2, 2010 “Take America back to the future

October 27, 2010

Is This America? Rand Paul Supporter Assaults Protestor

Let us review this video(found on Youtube), and take in the entire incident---there is more than one guilty party here. The guy that threw Lauren Valle to the ground should also be in trouble. Only the one who put his foot on her neck/shoulder is getting all the attention and hopefully a prosecution and not including the guy who threw her to the ground, this person also committed some serious violations in the way he was manhandling her. What right did they have to detain or restrain her?
Tim Profitt clearly had intent to do harm by applying the extra force and he also tried to cover it up when he realized people were watching by yelling "stay down", Ms. Valle hadn’t moved since being thrown to ground except trying to protect her face and head. This guy was a campaign coordinator--he should know better, Ms. Valle is someone they already saw around town and knew was harmless. Let us call these people what they are “radicals”. Someone should do some time and pay some fines here, and if I was Ms. Valle I would sue the Rand Paul campaign.

October 20, 2010

Balloon Boy Saga

First of all the media had no business running with that story because it was not determined that anyone was in the balloon because no one saw the boy get in. Two hours of watching a balloon float through the air.  Is that news? Even if the boy was in it?
The media is so gullible, say what we want about the father but he was smart enough to know what would get media attention and was able to totally manipulate them for publicity.  This episode says more about the media than it does the family.  They may not have gotten the reality show they expected but in a way the father got what he wanted because we are now following every move if this "scandal", the pictures were projected around the world and the family is FAMOUS.
NBC and the Today show should be ashamed of themselves; Meredith didn’t even flinch when the boy started throwing up on camera.  The behavior of some media during this entire situation was disgraceful, and the members of the mainstream media should take this time to reflect and determine what kind of journalist they want to be.

September 22, 2010

Dialogue #1

Someone wrote that my videos from the tea party rally proved that blacks were just as racist as anyone, I commented back that we may be more prejudice than racist. (youtuber) decided to start a conversation, I found this in my in box.

They commented: I don't think we are racist as we are prejudice.
I think so. Funny story. I was raised in Jehovah's Witnesses by my mother. J'sWs are arguably the least segregated religious sect, and thus, I was raised not to back-talk my mamma and to treat people with the same respect with which I want to be.
I think Blacks today are prejudiced to the fault of going with "The Black Guy" even if he's guilty of embezzlement, no-bid government out-sourcing or, say for example, hacking his children's mother and a waiter to death in some ugly-ass Bruno Maglis and then hiding in Al Cowling's Bronco during low-speed chase with a gun to his head.
Clearly a case of mistaken identity. 
You know there's gotta be African American people out there swearing that "The Real Killer" is still afoot.

September 3, 2010

Tired Of All You Whiny Liberals and Progressives

I am so sick and tired of you whinny piss ass SO CALLED LIBERALS. What is so progressive about voting for someone and then turning your back on them when things get hard? What are you suffering from some kind of attention deficit?

In case you weren’t friggin' listening Obama said this would not be easy. What the hell, did you think he was a freakin' magician...did you vote for a darn illusionist?

Or did you vote for a thoughtful, patient, insightful, strong individual who would think before acting and move this country forward. If Obama went in there and started changing up shit overnight what do you think would happen to him—do you want the country to break out into a civil war? The man is walking through a damn mine field and you assholes are his security shield and instead of protecting and keeping him strong you keep trashing him.

May 1, 2010

8-28 Restoring Honor Rally

I heard about the rally about a month before, both of them, the Restoring Honor and Reclaiming the Dream. I knew that the Restoring Honor rally was a Tea Party/Fox News/Glenn Beck event. I decided to go to the Fox News Rally. We started walking to the park at around five-fifty in the morning and ran into two ladies who were participating as marshals. “Are you going to the Restoring Honor” when we replied yes “oh” one of them said, we went on to talk about how they met Glenn Beck the night before, he was at a buffet they had and he shook hands with one of them. I thought it was funny they were acting like school girls going to a rock concert, they were genuinely excited. As we approached the park we saw more and more people heading towards the Lincoln Memorial. We did not see any other brown skinned people and whenever we told one of the white people with beach chairs and wearing a flag of some kind that we were going to the rally they always seemed surprised.

When we got to the park we stood out, one of the people on the tape even said so. This was obviously a white event. As we walked through the park the strangest thing happened, people started walking up and thanking us for coming. My daughter was very nervous in the beginning because of how we stood out and people were looking at us. Were there racists in the crowd no doubt about it, were the majority of the people there racist? Since I can’t read minds and going by the people I spoke to personally I would have to say no.

January 13, 2010

"Negro Please" More Whites Should Be Like Harry Reid (Game Change)

The big ruckus seems to be over Harry Reid using the word "Negro" in the term "negro dialect" as reported in the new book by the writing duo Halperin and Heilemann, Game Change. 

I think it would be a serious double standard for African Americans to take issue with the use of the word negro since we still have the United Negro College Fund, I wondered why the NAACP was still using the word colored which I find way more offensive than negro, but if the NAACP didn’t see a need to change it then I won’t argue. 

I think what is going on here is a case of entitlement by the republicans. They decided that this was a racist statement and now the media is picking up on it. Harry Reid was addressing Obama prospects with certain sectors of the white demography. I am sure Obama being light skinned helped some white voters push the button for him, and truth be told it probably made some African Americans more enthusiastic. Being a darker skinned person I am familiar with this, more favorable treatment or feeling toward lighter skinned people. He did not call Obama a Negro, he called him a "light skinned African American"--what’s wrong with that,  he is isn't he? 

Sen. Reid is seventy years old, he is a man from a different time but he did use the “politically correct term”. Republicans and their supporters can say Obama is a socialist and pushing a socialist agenda, carry posters of Obama as a monkey or caveman, but Harry Reid can’t say he is a light skinned African American.