September 22, 2010

Dialogue #1

Someone wrote that my videos from the tea party rally proved that blacks were just as racist as anyone, I commented back that we may be more prejudice than racist. (youtuber) decided to start a conversation, I found this in my in box.

They commented: I don't think we are racist as we are prejudice.
I think so. Funny story. I was raised in Jehovah's Witnesses by my mother. J'sWs are arguably the least segregated religious sect, and thus, I was raised not to back-talk my mamma and to treat people with the same respect with which I want to be.
I think Blacks today are prejudiced to the fault of going with "The Black Guy" even if he's guilty of embezzlement, no-bid government out-sourcing or, say for example, hacking his children's mother and a waiter to death in some ugly-ass Bruno Maglis and then hiding in Al Cowling's Bronco during low-speed chase with a gun to his head.
Clearly a case of mistaken identity. 
You know there's gotta be African American people out there swearing that "The Real Killer" is still afoot.

September 3, 2010

Tired Of All You Whiny Liberals and Progressives

I am so sick and tired of you whinny piss ass SO CALLED LIBERALS. What is so progressive about voting for someone and then turning your back on them when things get hard? What are you suffering from some kind of attention deficit?

In case you weren’t friggin' listening Obama said this would not be easy. What the hell, did you think he was a freakin' magician...did you vote for a darn illusionist?

Or did you vote for a thoughtful, patient, insightful, strong individual who would think before acting and move this country forward. If Obama went in there and started changing up shit overnight what do you think would happen to him—do you want the country to break out into a civil war? The man is walking through a damn mine field and you assholes are his security shield and instead of protecting and keeping him strong you keep trashing him.