September 22, 2010

Dialogue #1

Someone wrote that my videos from the tea party rally proved that blacks were just as racist as anyone, I commented back that we may be more prejudice than racist. (youtuber) decided to start a conversation, I found this in my in box.

They commented: I don't think we are racist as we are prejudice.
I think so. Funny story. I was raised in Jehovah's Witnesses by my mother. J'sWs are arguably the least segregated religious sect, and thus, I was raised not to back-talk my mamma and to treat people with the same respect with which I want to be.
I think Blacks today are prejudiced to the fault of going with "The Black Guy" even if he's guilty of embezzlement, no-bid government out-sourcing or, say for example, hacking his children's mother and a waiter to death in some ugly-ass Bruno Maglis and then hiding in Al Cowling's Bronco during low-speed chase with a gun to his head.
Clearly a case of mistaken identity. 
You know there's gotta be African American people out there swearing that "The Real Killer" is still afoot.
That's a frightening level of prejudice that has nothing to do with "racism". It's not " 'crackers' this or 'crackers' that", it's having somebodies back when you know damn well fool done did that shit.
I stand against a form of reverse-prejudice every day. My White, blue-eyed ass rides the city bus in my town. I'm the only White. And sometimes I wear my N.S.M. shirt or other Pride gear and nobody on the bus, or at the Parks'n'Rec. weight room/gym say crap about it. We talk about the news, swap bench press spots, the day-to-day B.S.
But a White Guilt Syndrome suffering cracka will yell from their car, "Take that Swastika back to Germany, you racist bastard."
Stupid little White girl from Tennis-Hills Country Club yells that at me from her parents' car at me. At a bus stop.
I'm about to get on the bus with White Pride gear on, having done penitentiary time, and I'm supposed to be sweatin' Miss Yacht Club???
my response: Pollitikat
OK you said a great deal here. Let me tell you that when I see a white person wearing a swastika or "pride gear" like confederate flags, it just makes me nervous and that's the kind of prejudice I'm talking about on the part of "black" folks. I mean exactly what are you taking pride in. Do you see people walking around in OJ Simpson Shirts? The funny thing is that people call Obama a Nazi while touting Nazi regalia. I like the way people like to fall back on OJ the one black guy who may have gotten away with murder. What about hundreds of murders committed against people of color for no other reason than "god" made them black and man decided that wasn't OK.
Also you have to look at the environment that created a situation where OJ could get off (if he did it). Years of oppression, abuse, and deception by the police created mistrust between the residents of Los Angeles and the institution of law enforcement, so therefore the police were not believed. I am against anyone getting away with a crime black or white, particularly murder, but we know that is part of the culture isn't it?
People feel guilty because they are aware, they know the truth and they know that the things you wear are offensive to some. Maybe some of the people you go around that don't say anything feel intimidated and are afraid to say anything. By the way the swastika is an African symbol that was used by Hitler's SS and is now the symbol of white power. If you were wearing the swastika as a symbol of African originality then maybe it wouldn't be so bad but if you are wearing it as a symbol of "white pride" then I am going to probably prejudge you. I am probably going to think you are a racist because you have bought into the concept that there is such thing as "white race" and "black race". That is not an ideology I subscribe to, it is the thinking that led to slavery, and allows one group of people to oppress another and if we continue to believe that one is blessed and the other is cursed it will happen again. Now I know that some might think that is OK but I certainly don't.

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