September 3, 2010

Tired Of All You Whiny Liberals and Progressives

I am so sick and tired of you whinny piss ass SO CALLED LIBERALS. What is so progressive about voting for someone and then turning your back on them when things get hard? What are you suffering from some kind of attention deficit?

In case you weren’t friggin' listening Obama said this would not be easy. What the hell, did you think he was a freakin' magician...did you vote for a darn illusionist?

Or did you vote for a thoughtful, patient, insightful, strong individual who would think before acting and move this country forward. If Obama went in there and started changing up shit overnight what do you think would happen to him—do you want the country to break out into a civil war? The man is walking through a damn mine field and you assholes are his security shield and instead of protecting and keeping him strong you keep trashing him.

You keep saying what Obama needs to do, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? You are playing into the opposition and weakening our President. In chess when you king is threatened what do you do, sacrifice it or do you re-enforce it. STOP BEING SO FULL OF YOURSELVES LIBERALS & PROGRESSIVES.

Can you say we are in the same position when Obama came into office? He has achieved many things since being in office despite the spineless Democrats and the adversarial Republicans. And don’t comment and ask what the hell he did because your Liberals—you should know if you don’t get on “the Google”.

Oh there are no jobs, F**k jobs!! There weren’t any there when he frickin' took office. I worked for a Fortune 500 and watched them ship jobs overseas for ten you think Obama can undo that overnight. You need to go out there and tell people why there aren’t any, all the Republican NO VOTES. Tell them about all the obstacles in the state and local level that Republicans put in the way to ensure Obama doesn’t have success. Show that the opposition is saying no all the way down the line. Help him make things better.

GET REAL YOU DARN WHINNY Liberals, look what Obama is up against...I can’t believe there is any darn LIBERAL OR DEMOCRAT who can vote contemplating not voting. If you did that you would be Dumber than the Tea Party people you make fun of. They know to stay the course until they get what they want; they get the hell out and vote they put pressure on congress. Damn it you know you have to vote and F**cking vote Democrat if you want to stop that REPUBLICAN train and its coming, they saw what Democrats did in 2008 and they are determined to get Obama off track.

Have you been around for the past two years, haven’t you seen the Republican strategy and how it’s coming to a height now that elections are near—it is working, their base is completely mobilized and look at their candidates, I guess their candidates are more progressive than yours, so why the hell don’t you just join them. I guess you’re ready to join because all this damn negative chatter so close to election is counterproductive if you want to win.

The Republicans are pushing an ideology and so are Progressives, are you saying that if you let Republicans win you make it easier for Obama to achieve things. We already know that if Republicans get majority they are going to spread more rumors, and start all kinds of investigations to tie up Obama and distract him. We know they are still going to be voting no and now it will be easier to shut down the Democratic agenda what little he could get through. You know the next two years will be nothing but a propaganda campaign from the Republicans in order to position for 2012.

GET WITH knuckle heads, it’s not about Obama, it’s about Democratic ideas. That’s what the hell your voting for in case you didn’t freakin’ know, what’s going to get you closer losing the house and maybe the senate or kicking some darn Republicans out. If Republicans can mobilize around their bonehead candidates why can’t you.

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