October 20, 2010

Balloon Boy Saga

First of all the media had no business running with that story because it was not determined that anyone was in the balloon because no one saw the boy get in. Two hours of watching a balloon float through the air.  Is that news? Even if the boy was in it?
The media is so gullible, say what we want about the father but he was smart enough to know what would get media attention and was able to totally manipulate them for publicity.  This episode says more about the media than it does the family.  They may not have gotten the reality show they expected but in a way the father got what he wanted because we are now following every move if this "scandal", the pictures were projected around the world and the family is FAMOUS.
NBC and the Today show should be ashamed of themselves; Meredith didn’t even flinch when the boy started throwing up on camera.  The behavior of some media during this entire situation was disgraceful, and the members of the mainstream media should take this time to reflect and determine what kind of journalist they want to be.

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