October 27, 2010

Is This America? Rand Paul Supporter Assaults Protestor

Let us review this video(found on Youtube), and take in the entire incident---there is more than one guilty party here. The guy that threw Lauren Valle to the ground should also be in trouble. Only the one who put his foot on her neck/shoulder is getting all the attention and hopefully a prosecution and not including the guy who threw her to the ground, this person also committed some serious violations in the way he was manhandling her. What right did they have to detain or restrain her?
Tim Profitt clearly had intent to do harm by applying the extra force and he also tried to cover it up when he realized people were watching by yelling "stay down", Ms. Valle hadn’t moved since being thrown to ground except trying to protect her face and head. This guy was a campaign coordinator--he should know better, Ms. Valle is someone they already saw around town and knew was harmless. Let us call these people what they are “radicals”. Someone should do some time and pay some fines here, and if I was Ms. Valle I would sue the Rand Paul campaign.
I am extremely disturbed by this video, because we encountered a similar vibe while at the Glenn Beck rally on September 28 when someone showed up with an anti-beck sign—they were ready to go crazy. They have a way of taunting people and saying things they know are clearly racist and confrontational. If this is just swept away as if nothing it will be a real commentary on where we are as a nation. We have to put these people in the proper context-they are confrontational and violent-- these people basically assaulted a woman simply for exercising her freedom of speech. It makes me think of the "god hates fags" signs that parade outside the funeral of soldiers -- that these people feel those signs are protected but Lauren Valle's work was not.
I think of the clashes during the civil rights era and I am afraid that’s what these people want to take our country back to-- the days of dogs and fire hoses. This is a direct result of what we see happening on Fox News--when are we going to condemn the speech of the Fox News Propaganda machine as what it really is, incite-full hate speech—the fuel that is driving this ignorant engine. O’Reilly said we have a “Muslim problem” and Hitler had a “Jewish problem” we know what is happening we have seen it before. We have been seeing it for years and ignoring it--the abortion clinic bombings and shootings, the militias stockpiling weapons. Why are they allowed to do this when we know these people have a propensity for violence? This isn’t new, but now we have a black president and that is obviously the final straw. I am afraid some of these people who are now running for office might even be sleeper agents who are simply trying to get closer to the president to maybe try and “take him out”, who knows. One of them could decide they want to be a martyr for the cause. Michele Bachman, Sharon Angle, and Sarah Palin have already talked about reloading, targeting people, and second amendment remedies.
We are thankful that Ms. Valle is alright but I dread to think what could have happened if someone had not stepped in and stopped this mob of extremists, let’s stop this before it gets too far. We are entering a dangerous time let us not be oblivious to what is brewing because it’s not tea.

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