February 9, 2012

It's All Planned

Could Planned Parenthood have been targeted by Republicans for defunding because of the White House? Not the policies that come from the White House but the man sitting in the oval office. 

Remember ACORN, it was targeted because Obama and his campaign worked with the organization. ACORN helped low income people, you know “the poor”. The poor is also interchangeable with black people and minorities and people on food stamps and people from the ghetto and illegals. The poor are viewed as parasites feeding off government handouts. 

ACORN helped them gain access to services and register to vote and they were very effective at registering voters. Remember how quickly it all happened, approximately one year after Obama taking the Oath of Office, ACORN was defunct. Republicans attacked it and Democrats abandoned it.

Good thing that won’t happen to Planned Parenthood, they were able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars within hours of the news that they were losing the funding from Susan G. Komen. Advocates were on every channel asking Komen to reverse their decision and reporters openly expressed outrage. ACORN wasn’t that lucky. This is about stunting the vote in future elections. Registering new voters is critical to a Democratic win in elections, groups like Planned Parenthood and ACORN are crucial in that effort.

Planned Parenthood participates in voter registration drives across the county. It is likely, because of the communities they service the people registering to vote are more likely to lean Democratic. The fact that Planned Parenthood provides abortions was used as cover to stop funding, because we know how much the right values life. As a person from the black community I don’t feel that they are conspiring to kill black babies. White women/girls have abortions too, and those who don’t have the money or may want some anonymity might end up going to a Planned Parenthood facility. You can hear the disdain in Romney’s voice when he speaks of the poor, like just saying “the poor” pollutes his mouth.

This contraception issue is about SEPERATION of CHURCH which is in our Constitution and STATE, WOMENS and WORKERS RIGHTS. Religious freedom is a smoke screen. The church should not force "employees" to live by the church dogma; they are not followers of the church but employees. Obama is not asking the church to hand out condoms at "Sunday" services, he is saying every woman has EQUAL PROTECTION under the law. Employers must provide healthcare for employees, contraception is a part of the basic coverage for women. Because ones employer is a church (and you are or are not follower), you should not be denied what every woman is entitled to under the law vise a vie Affordable health CARE Act. 

President Obama CANNOT SUPPORT a CO-PAY BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE DISCRIMINATIVE and the Federal Government cannot DISCRIMINATE BASED ON GENDER which is the portion of the population this would effect.

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