March 2, 2012

Israel Does Not Have The Right To Strike Iran

I understand the fear the Israeli live with, because as an African born in Jamaica and living in America, I live among what used to be the enemy. The so called white race, and even though "whites" continue to have all the advantages in American society and hence the world, I try to have faith that they are not going to thrust Africans or people of color back into bondage. And so I try my best to be the example of how I want to be portrayed. Of course Israel has a right to exist and be a secure place, but there comes a time when we must compromise and we have to trust each other. I believe the source of the animosity is the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians; we have to be honest with ourselves about that. If we solve that problem, we may have peace. I think Israel should allow President Obama to negotiate with the Palestinians and Arab states on their behalf and Israel should go back to the pre-67 borders and Israel should never try to expand beyond those borders.  Jerusalem is another issue, it can be split in half but if the Israelis don’t agree with that it should go to the Palestinians, they are the ones being imposed upon. In return the security of Israel is guaranteed and there will be no aggression against the Israeli people, to do so would bring the full wrath of the US. This should happen immediately---the US/UN will man the border for a period of time allowing both countries to organize themselves without interference. I think no one is seeing the others side, neither Palestine or Israel existed pre-1948, and now they both want to exist--there must be compromise.  The threat of preemptive war must be off the table--in order to achieve peace for we must be examples of peace. With all the years of Israel bombing and killing and assassinating-(the eye for eye theory) has it brought peace. Now Israel is saying the only way to achieve peace is annihilation of the other side, isn’t that what Hitler was saying. I don't believe in that, I believe we can co-exist peacefully even among those who may have done wrong in the past, we must--I do it every day.

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