March 19, 2012

Oh Please George Clooney - I Am Not Impressed

clooney arrest
If George Clooney wants to impress me he should bring attention to the poor neighborhoods in America and the injustice that is happening there on a daily basis...he doesn’t have to go all the way to Sudan to find children being abused by an unjust political and social system. 

Traveling to the Sudan is just a vacation for Clooney, getting arrested in Washington DC at the Sudanese Consulate is just publicity for his next movie. Why doesn’t he tour the streets of Harlem or the Bronx, New Orleans or Chicago, Los Angeles, West Virginia or Mississippi and bring attention to the lack of services, educational and cultural institutions, or hardware store and fresh food markets. Why doesn’t Clooney get arrested while walking these streets, I would be much more impressed.

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