March 12, 2012

The Ghost Of Lincoln In Obama's Presidency

All the gun talk has brought one thing to mind, The Presidents safety.  Call me an Obamabot, whatever you like, but Barack Hussein Obama our 44th President is a brilliant man who is trying to do Good.  I don’t want anything to happen to him.  Lincoln is his role model for the presidency and I think I know why.  Lincoln preserved the 
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Union despite the civil war; he had to deal with an internal military conflict.  Lincoln "freed" slaves and Obama's presidency is a result of that action, Lincoln might not have wanted to free the slaves but he knew he had to do it in order to keep the country together. I am sure Obama has had to do some things and make some compromises he may not have wanted to.  Let’s not fool ourselves the elements that wanted to continue the oppression of slavery are still out there, we call them racists and they expect the president to preserve institutionalized discrimination.  That is what Obama knew he would have to confront—those people; tea baggers, right wing nuts, and the people who pull their strings!  Also, Lincoln was assassinated and I think the President knows it’s a real possibility he is a “black” man leading a “white” nation.  Gun purchases have skyrocketed since his election, and nuts are already showing up to his events with weapons, (the media just brushed that off).  Tensions have heightened in the country; I almost feel like we’re in a civil war.  Now The President wants to try and curb gun ownership, I hope the Secret Service is going to triple security around the entire First Family and the Vice Presidents Family.

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