March 12, 2012

Zimmerman Is Exercising His "White Privilege"

The media seems to be giving Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt, why? Because he is white. For someone who was supposed to be getting the crap beat out of him, Zimmerman seems to be walking with a purpose and does not look defeated in the video of him at police station. How do we know that Zimmerman didn't fall and hit his head, there is no proof that Treyvon ever hit Zimmerman we only have the killers word for it. Even though Treyvon is 17 years old and dead because he made the mistake of crossing Zimmerman's path he is still being portrayed as the aggressor, simply because he is "black".

What a complete DOUBLE STANDARD--It doesn't matter if Zimmerman has injuries, he FOLLOWED Treyon and initiated the fight--we have Treyvon's girlfriends account of what happened--we know Zimmerman never retreated he continued to STALK Treyvon--Treyvon had a right to defend himself--Zimmerman killed Treyvon for defending himself-TREYVON WAS STANDING HIS GROUND-Zimmerman SHOULD BE IN JAIL. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE DELAY IS. I DON'T CARE IF ZIMMERMAN HAD A BROKEN JAW, NECK, ARM, LEG, --- HE STARTED IT, AND TREYVON IS DEAD--ZIMMERMAN NEEDS TO TELL HIS STORY TO A JURY!

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