May 9, 2012

Romney Supports Welfare For The Rich

a founding father
I have read most of the Ryan Budget and honestly I think it is one of the scariest documents I have read in a while (another scary -- patriot act). If this plan gets through we can no longer expect government to perform on behalf of the people but government will be an allocating force. Low and Middle income programs will be virtually phased out and I don’t know if it is because Ryan is predicting a smaller population because of less healthcare benefits through Medicaid and Medicare but his budget does not anticipate a prosperous economy. Also he does not cut anything from defense instead he restores all of proposed Obama cuts and increases funding to defense. I think this is more concentration of wealth at the top. Who makes money off the defense industry but the wealthy? Ryan’s budget is welfare for the rich. I think Obama was right when he called it a Trojan horse, because that is exactly what it is. Anyone who signs the Norquist pledge should be seen as a traitor to the country and thrown out of office. They are supposed to be loyal to the country and the assisting it’s prosperity.

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