January 3, 2013

Liberals Are Dissing Biden

Every time I hear someone talk about Hillary Clinton for 2016, I think what a drone. Not only is it a disrespect to Joe Biden it also doesn’t make any sense. Hillary is not as popular as everyone thinks. I am tired of reminding people that she was supposed to be the winner in the 2008 election, and the first time Barack Obama ran. Then just as now, she was the “presumptive nominee” but she ran a poor campaign and got quite desperate after citizens began casting their votes and it was clear that Barack Obama was real competition. Hillary and the media believed she would win Iowa, she came in third. By the time the primary got to New Hampshire a state she was supposed to win the President, then Senator, tied her so she is not a winner. She offered no real vision, just herself. Simply, Hillary lacks authenticity. The President could have chosen her as vice President, and he did not. Would Hillary have been able to negotiate with Congress the way Joe Biden has on so many important legislation, remember her attempt at health care reform. 

The argument for her candidacy is that she did a great job at state, but The President sets the agenda at the State Department not the Secretary of State. Hillary is a Representative of the President and nothing more, remember his line during one of their debates “I look forward to you working for me too, Hillary”, she works for him. She is tasked with outreach and building relations, but when Secretary Clinton shows up in a foreign country she is not representing herself or her personal desires, she is a representative of the American Government and President of the United States.

Hillary and her supporters are acting as if she is entitled to the presidency, why? Is it still because she was Bill Clinton’s wife? She was at best a mediocre Senator. She does not stick her neck out for anything or anyone—she didn’t do it for the American people. Not against Bush and the war in Iraq by challenging him in 2004, or her vote for his war which she still refuses to say was a mistake; and not on Benghazi.

Why didn’t Hillary go out there and talk about Benghazi instead of letting Ambassador Rice do it. Benghazi was the State Departments jurisdiction, so why didn’t Hillary go out there? The country wanted answers and she refused to step up in a crucial moment, her 3am test—could it be that she was thinking about 2016. She let Susan Rice take the heat for Benghazi and never came to her defense. The attacks on Rice were unjustified, she did not try to squelch them, and John McCain is her friend—how come she had no influence on him?

All I know is the Benghazi was the one line of attack that could have cost President Obama's re-election and was a headache even after he won. I think the best thing Hillary could do is spare the country and take her name out of contention as a possible candidate for 2016.

Joe Biden has been an incredibly loyal asset. I feel bad for Vice President Joe Biden who has been working hard for the past years supporting and fighting for The President’s agenda. The president chose Mr. Biden not just because he was a member of congress, or because of his grasp of the issues that came before congress, or his expertise on foreign affairs but because he believes Joe is a man of conviction who sincerely cares about America, has concern for her citizens and wants to do good without compromising too much. I applaud the president for giving Joe the initiative in the recent debates on gun control and the debt negotiations. 

I don’t doubt that Joe is ambitious and wants to be president just as much as the next person, but I get the feeling Joe would be humbled by that experience. He does not seem to have a thirst for power or driven by an ideological agenda and he never tried to get rich from being in congress. Plus Joe’s story is very compelling; I really think this is Joe’s time.

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