January 3, 2013

The Skinny On Christie

Here you guys go falling for republican trickery--Chris Christie is full of it. Christie is the guy who less than a month before Sandy was calling the President arrogant and that he had never led anything in his life; that Obama was a man walking in a darkened room “clutching for the light switch of leadership and can’t find it”. He wasn’t willing to blame anyone but the president for the failures in Washington, not the Tea Party republicans or the Republican leadership in congress.

All this time he has been saying small government and cut government spending, now he is whining about money for his state. What happened to all the money he supposedly saved New Jersey with his budget cuts. Now don't get me wrong, I think New York and New Jersey should get the money--I am a New Yorker. But I am not falling for Christie's act, he wants to be president, so I am viewing him through that lens and I think he might be overplaying his hand. I don't care how much the Republicans try and camouflage themselves--they are still Republicans and they believe in states’ rights, less government, intrusive medical procedures for women, rape is not rape, and tax cuts and no-bid contract for the top one percent, all while bloating the budget and stepping on the neck of the little guy.

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