March 12, 2013


We should not teach our children to plan for a social security check.  I don’t care how long they work or how much they make in their lifetime— they know that Social Security and Medicare is taken from their paycheck but it is not something they are entitled to when they reach a certain age (thank goodness to Obama for paving the way to universal healthcare- which I think everyone should be entitled to).   We should teach our children that social security is for those in need and not an inheritance or piggy bank for those who contributed.  Their goal should be not to need social security—but to learn as much as possible, work hard and plan for their own financial security.  I feel however, should they or anyone ever need it—it should be there.  I am not upset that President Obama is cutting social security or anything else…he can cut, because the system needs to be reformed and the people hired him to make changes. 

There is too much WASTE in government, Obama is putting programs on the table because there are things about them he wants to reform.  I don’t want people who still work and make above a certain income collecting social security—maybe a certain percentage of the median income of the country is fair, plus you will still get Medicare so health insurance is covered.  I don’t think you should have a primary home and a vacation home and collect social security.  Maybe chained CPI is something he puts on the table so he can gauge the Republicans.  With all the talk Republicans make about reforming entitlement, I personally don’t think they want real reform like means testing—Obama has been trying to shove chained CPI down their throat and they haven’t bitten?  So there is no reason to believe they are going to say yes to any reform other than making it private.  Republicans aren’t going to do anything without at least feeling like they screwed the little guy–I think when they say yes to chained CPI, we can get means testing—which I would like to see.

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