March 12, 2012

Are Democrats Finally Getting It?

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I think the Democrats are finally getting it, they are learning how to fight the Republican propaganda machine and the credit goes to Howard Dean and Barack Obama. I used to say the media didn’t give Howard Dean a chance, but the truth is Dean had a chance—he had primary night in Iowa, and even though he did not win he had the moment. The time to speak to the people and get them engaged in the movement, he had the attention of the country. Howard Dean didn’t understand third was okay if you offered something the people could grasp (just ask Hillary, John McCain or Santorum). Instead what we heard was the wild yelp--and the words that followed did not measure up to the moment so that scream became the representation of Dean’s campaign--Dean was just too emotional for the time. I think political junkies will agree that his true impact on the party is at the DNC, and the implementation of the 50 state strategy. Dean knew in order to expand the party Democrats had to stop ceding votes in the middle and southern states. 

Barack Obama understood the math. The impact is that everyone is now talking about the delegate math and even though it was there all along no one dared give us such a lesson. Obama did that, he trusted that we would understand and stick with him till the math played out, and we did.

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