March 12, 2012

Bill Cosby and The Blacks

I agree with everything Bill Cosby said but did he also call out the people peddling the "$500 sneakers". Also I would like to see people like Bill Cosby, Cornel West do more than just talk and ridicule where are the Bill Cosby Academy, why isn’t he putting together coalitions to provide the services he knows the communities lack. The problem I have is that while these people know these things are happening in the community, they have done nothing to counter it. As he pointed out the parents lack the knowledge to teach their children better.  I have seen this for myself, however. I would tell parents the same thing when they complained about school uniforms or buying supplies for their child yet the kid is wearing a $200 coat and $150 pair of sneakers, $80 hair styles, $100 jeans. My child throughout her entire school experience has never worn anything that cost more than $50--even her prom dress.  They wouldn’t spend the money to teach their children to swim, or send them to sleep/summer camp.  Many kids know the lyrics to the trashy songs on the radio but not how to read it if they saw it on paper, all this is true--but it is also true that the people who continue to make money off the community has shown no commitment when it comes to investing in the community. Why did Oprah build a school in Africa but none here in America--did Bill call her out on that?  Why did Magic Johnson build a movie theatre in Harlem and not a community center? Where are the modern day Booker T, or Malcolm or even the old Black Panther. Why is it that today’s successful black only try to find ways to make more money but not ways to educate and help lift up blacks the way other cultures do. I am all for calling everyone out....not just the poor and ignorant.

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