March 12, 2012

Occupy Must Transform To Impact 2012 Election

OCCUPY MUST TRANSFORM TO IMPACT UPCOMING 2012 ELECTIONOCCUPY MOVEMENT should change its name to the “99% MOVEMENT”. “The 99% Movement” sounds more inclusive; it broadens the pool of potential participants and makes it easier for those who are not comfortable with protest to join. “OCCUPY” has come to represent “showdown with police” and the message of the 99% is lost due to all the negative coverage of those trying to sleep in parks. This turns off a great deal of people who would like to get involved but don’t want the clash with the police. The sleeping over in parks should end. The “99% Movement” can conduct a huge VOTER INFORMATION CAMPAIGN to occupy the polls and vote on Election Day. Since many groups are feeling apprehensive about conducting voter registration drives the “99% Movement” can be a way for progressive organizations to come together under one umbrella and have “voter information drives” all over the country just handing out registration applications encouraging self-registration and helping people get the required identification to vote on election day. Not saying this will answer the question as to why Americans won't vote but just an idea.

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